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Machining of parts for the railway sector: SMEPI at your service

The machining of parts for the railway sector is a delicate operation given the various constraints to which they will be exposed. Recourse to the expertise of specialized manufacturers is essential for any project to create mechanical components intended for use in this field. SMEPI is a company that has made the design and manufacture of precision mechanical parts, wear and safety for high-tech industries its core business.

The still booming rail industry

Rail transport is undoubtedly one of the sectors that has seen the most technological changes over the centuries. However, it has always been able to adapt to mutations and changes by improving each time the products and services offered to users.

Today, thousands of people take the train every day around the world. The infrastructures are equipped with cutting-edge equipment and technologies to ensure both performance and safety. They are indeed equipped with navigation instruments and sophisticated software to ensure permanent control.

The mechanical aspect has evolved a lot to optimize the safety and comfort of passengers as well as that of goods transported by rail. The machining of parts for the railway sector has therefore progressed at a technical and technological level. In the field of the production of mechanical elements for many years, SMEPI is a trusted partner for all types of projects in this context.

The manufacture of mechanical parts for the railway industry: a delicate task

The machining of mechanical parts for the railway sector is a delicate operation given the challenges of their reliability. It will not only be necessary to produce efficient and robust components, but also to ensure that they meet exactly the quality standards required by legislation. It is also the best way to guarantee the comfort and safety of operators and passengers and to limit the risk of accidents.

However, the success of rail vehicles largely depends on the know-how of a few specialists capable of  manufacture elements cut to the extreme stresses to which they are subjected. Expert and experienced in the design and manufacture of precision mechanical elements, safety and use for high-tech industries and sensitive sectors, SMEPI perfectly masters the constraints to which parts are, or may be, subjected during their use. .

Why call on a professional?

Among other things, using experts makes it possible to ensure the feasibility of machining work on high-precision parts for the rail industry. As specialists, they can identify your needs according to the specifics of your business in order to set up the manufacturing process and the necessary services corresponding to your expectations.

If you are looking for a partner for your projects, SMEPI is a provider of choice. The latter has the know-how, manpower and tools necessary to provide you with quality parts while respecting the deadlines stipulated on the order form. Our advisers and technicians are at your disposal to help you identify your needs or to analyze them in order to design the parts best suited to your expectations. They will be able to recommend the best options to you based on their usage requirements.

SMEPI, your specialist in precision industrial mechanics

SMEPI is a company specializing in precision industrial mechanics. For more than 10 years, our know-how in this field has evolved considerably in order to offer quality products and services to our customers.

We can indeed produce various wear and safety parts as well as specific mechanical assemblies or sub-assemblies according to the plans or specifications of our customers. Our areas of expertise relate in part to deep drilling, rolled threading and spark erosion and are intended for a wide variety of sectors such as aerospace, aeronautics, electronics, nuclear, medical, etc. household appliances, the building ...

Regarding the machining of precision mechanical parts for the railway sector , we offer you an optimal service, namely:


  • defining your needs;

  • the design of the parts;

  • the supply of raw materials;

  • production in small, medium or large series;

  • assembly of mechanical assemblies or subassemblies;

  • or the heat and surface treatments necessary for the production of your parts (bichromating, sulfinization, nickel plating, etc.).


Finally, we can also design your prototypes before launching large-scale production.


Why call on SMEPI?

For the machining of mechanical components, whatever their size or format, SMEPI is the specialist to contact. In the extremely advanced field of precision machining, we have a decade of successful experience, and we have succeeded in building an enviable reputation nationwide. We put at your service the skills and experience of a multidisciplinary team and the quality of our materials in order to meet your quality and time constraints. Our achievements are recommended by professionals with extremely diverse technological issues including: transport, petrochemicals, energy, special machines, chemistry, nuclear power, etc. In order to guarantee your satisfaction, SMEPI designs a tailor-made and complete offer for you from the study phase to the heat and surface treatment, including prototyping, the selection of materials to be used, the actual machining, the assembly, heat and surface treatment ... as well as a strict control of each part.

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