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Machining of mechanical safety parts for industrial use: contact SMEPI

The machining of mechanical safety parts intended for use in difficult environments requires expert skills and suitable machines. Ensuring the quality and performance of these elements involves the use of a specialized company. For all security, fixing or wear parts needs for industrial use, SMEPI will be your best ally.

Machining of safety parts, an operation that guarantees the reliability of your assemblies

The machining of security parts refers to their manufacture. As their name suggests, these elements are intended to ensure the safety of mechanical systems during start-up or when they are at rest, or both. Given the challenges, it is essential to guarantee quality and performance.

As a result, safety parts or even very small parts such as screws and studs used in delicate sectors such as nuclear, energy, mechanics, aeronautics, chemicals or petrochemicals must be designed in such a way. to withstand the severe mechanical, chemical or thermal stresses to which they will be subjected. It is on the one hand the performance of your mechanical systems, machines and various devices and the smooth running of your activities, and on the other hand the safety of operators and the environment (especially for industries with toxic risks) .

The use of the skills of a specialized manufacturer is essential to have parts perfectly suited to your needs and the requirements of your field of activity. Since 2001, SMEPI has put its know-how in the design and machining of high performance safety parts at the service of high-tech industries (energy, nuclear, transport, aeronautics, rail, etc.).


Machining operations by a specialist

In sensitive sectors such as aeronautics, nuclear and chemical industries, the forging and machining of security parts must be entrusted to a specialized and professional company. Whether for bearings, valves, seats, or valve stems, surgical precision and resistance to extreme conditions are essential.

The machining of safety parts carried out by a professional necessarily includes heat treatment and surface treatment. SMEPI is  a reliable partner in any project for the manufacture of mechanical components intended for securing installations and industrial machines. We have the technical, technological, material and human resources to ensure the quality and performance of your parts. If necessary, we can intervene on site to help you install them.

SMEPI, a professional serving cutting-edge sectors

With ten years of experience, we have made a place for ourselves in the field of precision industrial mechanics. Today, we specialize in rolled threading, deep drilling and spark erosion which allow high quality rendering (resistance and adaptation) to be obtained at reasonable cost.

To satisfy our customers, we offer them a complete service ranging from the study of the production of safety parts to the creation of a prototype before machining and assembly. We can also draw up plans and specifications.

Throughout the safety part machining process, we guarantee permanent control and multiple mechanical tests so that the finished products leaving our factories meet international standards. The rigor of these verifications allowed us to receive ISO 9001 certification.   

A true partner of professionals requiring high precision

Our professionalism corresponds to the needs of large industries. Whether you are in the field of chemicals, nuclear or aeronautical and rail transport, we ensure fast delivery of your orders. The machining of your security parts will be done as quickly as possible.

As a guarantee of our excellence, renowned groups like Alstom, EDF, Wärtsilä or Areva have placed their trust in us in the production of industrial parts necessary for their activities. This is because our expertise covers cutting edge sectors. Our know-how and our experience allow us to process all kinds of metals and alloys to condition them in order to manufacture highly resistant parts intended for very restrictive environments.

Our advisers and technicians have a good understanding of the constraints to which installations and mechanical assemblies may be subjected in an industrial environment.  They will be able to recommend the options adapted to your needs and to the technical and / or environmental requirements imposed by the conditions of use of the parts.

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In the field of precision industrial mechanics, particularly in the machining of your mechanical components, SMEPI is the subcontractor you can trust. In terms of precision machining, we capitalize on its ten years of experience, we have built an excellent reputation nationwide. Our manufactured products equip a large number of companies belonging to many trades among others: chemistry, special machines, transport, nuclear, petrochemicals, energy ... In order to provide the answer best suited to your needs. requirements, SMEPI provides you with complete support from the study to the heat and surface treatment, including heat and surface treatment, production, assembly, prototyping, selection of raw materials ... as well as strict control of each part. Our machining company involves a team of professionals and has a large reserve of raw materials to meet your quality and time constraints.

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