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Precision studs: why call on a specialist?

When intended for specific applications, the manufacture of precision studs should be left to an expert. Company specializing in precision industrial mechanics, SMEPI supports the production in small or large series of your precision dowel components, mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies as well as all mechanical parts. Discover our range of expertise.

Machining of precision parts, a delicate job

The manufacture of precision mechanical parts is an activity reserved for companies and professionals who perfectly master all existing machining techniques. In addition, given the destination of the elements created, in particular high-tech industries such as nuclear, aeronautics, automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or even energy, it is important that the parts be efficient and reliable. They must also have a fairly long lifespan.

It is therefore not easy to proceed with their manufacture, given that the constraints of use must be taken into account for the choice of material and the manufacturing process in order to produce elements perfectly suited to the requirements. security and user performance. All precision dowel manufacturing work therefore requires the use of specialists who have not only the required know-how, but also the appropriate machines. They can even advise you on the best options based on your needs.

Many stages structure the manufacture of precision dowel pins. If it is intended for very demanding environments such as nuclear power, compliance with design and manufacturing rules (RCC-M) is essential.

Before machining, which will make it possible to obtain the geometrical characteristics of the stud, it is necessary to define the stresses to which the part will be subjected, without forgetting its exact function.

Die forging and heat treatment of the material also precedes machining. The part must undergo a heat treatment after forging in order to be able to recover the mechanical characteristics, modified during the heating.

Threading is the operation in which the expertise of the manufacturer is sought after more than ever. The type and quality of this determine the part's resistance to corrosion, shocks or even temperature variations. Once installed, these fasteners become an integral part of the assembly and should not cause any problems in service.


Precision studs: for better rendering of machined parts

Precision studs can be used to produce special studs for materials subject to severe stress. It is a branch of precision mechanics whose goal is to manufacture complex and tailor-made parts.

Precision studs are used in particular to produce body studs, conical studs (fitted, straight, cylindrical, punched, drilled, etc.), cylindrical, straight, or even coupling studs. These different machined parts are used by industries using high-tech mechanical equipment, such as aeronautics or petrochemicals.

Intervening in the field of precision dowelwork cannot be improvised. Specific qualifications and proven experience in mechanical and industrial engineering are essential for success in this branch. SMEPI puts its expertise in this area at your service. We ensure the design, production, assembly, heat and surface treatments as well as the control of the resistance and efficiency of the studs. Our range of services also covers the delivery of machined parts. SMEPI carries out the control of your parts such as mechanical, tensile, proof load, impact tests, etc. SMEPI also supports non-destructive testing: penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, ultrasound, etc.


Precision mechanics with SMEPI  

In addition to precision doweling, SMEPI is specialized in other machining processes: screws on drawing, deep drilling, rolled threading, electroerosion, manufacture of safety parts or special machines. For more than 10 years, we have been developing high-performance solutions for the benefit of industries.  

We also collaborate with suppliers to allow us to have a large stock of raw materials such as: copper-aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel, bronze, Monel, Inconel, etc.

SMEPI can produce any wear and safety part as well as specific mechanical assemblies or sub-assemblies according to the customer's plans or specifications. We are also at your disposal to respond to urgent needs, for example the repair of broken parts, troubleshooting, etc.

Take advantage of the many advantages in terms of quality, price and lead time for all your orders from SMEPI. Demand performance and quality, rely on SMEPI's professional know-how.


Who are we ?

In the extremely demanding field of precision machining, we have over ten years of success and can be proud of an excellent reputation nationwide. For the machining of mechanical parts, whatever their dimensions and formats, SMEPI is the subcontractor for all those who have specific needs. We rely on a competent and experienced team and a large reserve of materials always available to meet your quality and speed constraints. Our machined components are aimed at professionals with very diverse technological challenges, among others: special machines, energy, petrochemicals, transport, chemicals, nuclear, etc. SMEPI has all the key resources to assist you throughout your project from the study phase to heat and surface treatment, including: assembly, prototyping, production, choice of raw materials , the study, the heat and surface treatment ... and finally, a rigorous control of the parts.

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