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Entrust the design and manufacture of your made-to-measure fasteners to SMEPI

Following the expansion of the engineering industries, the demand for the manufacture of custom screws is in full swing. To make sure you find the right supplier, entrust the task to an experienced manufacturer like SMEPI. This one is illustrated in this field and can manufacture you special screws for all your industrial machines.

The advantages of using a manufacturer

When the screws you need for your mechanical system or construction cannot be found on the market, the best option for obtaining these types of parts is to call a manufacturer. The latter will be able to design and manufacture your made-to-measure fasteners. They can even help you identify your needs, including the right size and type of screw, if needed.

He can also choose the material, metal or alloy, in which your screws will be cut in order to meet the performance and safety requirements required. If you need screws for industrial use or for specific environments such as those intended for nuclear islands, it will manufacture them in accordance with the standards imposed by law.

However, when choosing your service provider, it is recommended to bet on the experience and reputation of this one in order to ensure that you will ultimately have quality parts. In addition, we have a large stock of raw materials from which your batch of screws will be made to measure. The professionals with whom we collaborate indeed give us the possibility of storing several raw materials such as: alloy steel, Monel, Inconel, stainless steel, cupro-aluminum or even bronze, etc.


The techniques used for making custom screws

To meet the requirements of our customers, we offer various processes for the production of special parts. Thus, depending on the plan drawn up by the client, we can opt for hot forging, cold rolling threading, hobbing, turning milling, etc.

It goes without saying that the choice of materials, dimensions and lengths as well as the heat and surface treatments to be applied to the parts is up to you. However, our design office supports you during the study and design phase of the screws in order to propose improvements and innovative technical solutions, if necessary.

Our service offering is aimed at players in all sectors of activity

Our area of expertise is not limited to the manufacture of custom screws . Offering our services to manufacturers in different sectors of activity (nuclear, armaments, transport, energy, cement, petrochemicals, etc.), we can also take care of the production of safety and wear parts, tumbling ball joints, bar turning parts and studs.

You can even ask us to produce mechanical parts in small series for special machines or to assemble specific mechanical assemblies or sub-assemblies. The products are of course subjected to a battery of specific tests and to destructive and non-destructive controls before being delivered by us.

To ensure that the parts produced comply with quality standards and specifications, we can, at your request, manufacture prototypes before production begins.

As soon as the order form is signed, we take charge of all the operations that are already planned so that your order is delivered to you on time.

Discover our other services

In everything related to precision machining, we have more than 10 years of experience, we are recognized throughout France. In terms of precision industrial mechanics, in particular in the machining of your mechanical parts, SMEPI is the essential service provider able to design your components. Our machining company trusts a team of professionals and has a large reserve of raw materials in order to ensure product quality, speed and respect for deadlines. Our achievements are acclaimed by companies working in extremely varied trades, in particular: petrochemicals, energy, transport, special machines, nuclear, chemicals, etc. SMEPI has all the essential resources to assist you at each stage of your project including: production, choice of materials to use, heat and surface treatment, prototyping, study, assembly ... as well as a rigorous verification of your parts.


The attention we pay to the smallest details

At SMEPI, we leave nothing to chance. Indeed, we attach great importance to the smallest details. For example, all the fasteners that we produce have a particularly neat finish and are endowed with great robustness.

The parts show no signs of imperfection. Our motto is that our screws, bolts and nuts must not only be functional when they leave the factory, but also meet the quality requirements of our customers.

For this, each of them undergoes a rigorous quality test before being sold on the market. Defective elements are immediately revised so that they can be reworked by our team of experts. This allows us to guarantee the foolproof reliability of our products as well as our made- to-measure fasteners .

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