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SMEPI the expert in mechanical parts machining

The services and advice of an expert are never refused, regardless of your field. In order to avoid bad deals, it is strongly advised to consult a pro before making a purchase or before placing an order. This remains valid for the machining of mechanical parts and valve stems . Consult SMEPI for your spare parts needs in this area. The latter is involved in aeronautics, rail and nuclear and follows international standards. It ensures the creation of your missing part even if it is a unique component in itself.


Machining valve stems, a delicate task


The machining of valve stems requires specific know-how, in particular for the calculation of their diameter,  length and scope. Precision is essential given that a gap of a few millimeters or a few tens of millimeters between the valve and the seat can already have consequences on the performance of the engine, in particular because of a gas leak at the intake or to the exhaust. Moreover, this part will be subjected to extreme stresses, in particular high temperatures, various chemical and mechanical attacks. It must therefore be produced in a metal or an alloy which withstands the harsh conditions of use.


Calling on the expertise of a company specializing in the manufacture of precision mechanical parts intended for intensive use is essential if you want to have elements that are as efficient as they are reliable and robust. A professional can best determine the technical characteristics of the valve stems you need and create the corresponding parts.


Valve stems


The machining of valve stems must be carried out with great precision and with suitable equipment. The valve controls the entry and exit of gases into the cylinder of an internal combustion engine. The stems are mainly made up of four parts, the head, the collar, the stem and the tail. The rod slides in the guide is an opening made in the cylinder head and thus ensures the centering of the head.


The connection between these two parts is tuliped in order to reduce the resistance to the passage of gases and to optimize the heat transfer from the head to the guide via the rod. The clearance between the rod and the guide should be of the order of 0.02 mm, and wear of up to 0.07 mm is possible. Then, excessive oil consumption is observed. The machining of valve stems is therefore a job that requires great precision and can only be entrusted to a professional.


SMEPI, expertise at the service of advanced mechanics


SMEP Entreprises can perform very high quality valve stem machining. In order to satisfy the most demanding customers, we have implemented a whole quality system encompassing all the design, manufacturing and control processes. We also have a large stock of raw materials (stainless steel, bronze, cupro-aluminum, alloy steel, Inconel, Monel, etc.) allowing us to respond quickly to specific requests.


This allows us to control all the parameters of our business and thus offer the guarantee of a finished product meeting the requirements of the specifications and application standards. We collaborate with many multinationals such as Alstom, EDF, SNCF or Areva, which need professional suppliers. The machining of valve stems is thus carried out in our factory with high precision machines. For all the parts that we produce, traceability is ensured thanks to all the procedures that we have put in place.


Zoom on SMEPI

In the field of precision mechanics, especially in the machining of large, medium and small mechanical parts and shapes, SMEPI is the reference if you have specific needs. In everything that has to do with precision machining, we are capitalizing on more than ten years of success, and we enjoy an excellent reputation all over France. Our components equip many companies working in extremely varied fields, in particular: special machines, chemistry, nuclear, petrochemicals, energy, transport, etc. SMEPI provides you with a complete service including heat and surface treatment, the choice of materials to be used, prototyping, assembly, machining ... as well as a strict verification of your parts. We put at your service the skills and experience of a multidisciplinary team and the quality of raw materials in order to meet your quality and deadline requirements.


Our know-how at your service


SMEPI is committed to serving its customers in a professional manner, using advanced technology. In fact, we aim to ensure that the final rendering of a spare part manufactured in our factories is impeccable to satisfy you. Namely, chrome plating, nickel plating are part of the services offered by our company. You can entrust us with all missions relating to the machining of your valve stems. As a result of manufacturing, the components will be smooth, shiny and free from imperfection. To get a closer look, don't hesitate to try SMEPI products, especially if you care about the little details. The rounded contours of the valve stem will be well highlighted since a team of professionals will take charge of the work. This once again proves the attention to the smallest details. You will be able to judge for yourself the final condition of the part as well as its durability.

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