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Rocker arm ball joint machining by a specialist

The machining of rocker arm ball joints requires extensive know-how and SMEPI is one of the professionals who have a perfect mastery of the subject. Indeed, manufacturing defects are not tolerable in this area. Few of the professionals are able to take up such a challenge like SMEPI . The latter appears as an expert in this environment. With its level of technical expertise and decades of experience, it continues to provide services to major aeronautics, rail and energy companies.    


The quality challenges of rocker arm ball joints

The rocker arm ball joints play the role of supporting the valves in the latter's mission, in particular by improving their reach. They are among the elements whose quality and reliability are essential to maintain the power of an internal combustion engine at its optimum level. Given their installation inside the engine, they will be subjected in particular to high temperatures as well as to various mechanical stresses relating to their role, but also to a certain pressure. They must therefore be designed in such a way as to have the technical characteristics which enable them to withstand these conditions in order to be able to fulfill their role correctly.

To ensure the quality of your rocker arm ball joints, the machining must be entrusted to a company specializing in the design and manufacture of precision and wear mechanical parts. It will be able to choose the material best suited to the conditions of use and produce parts required by law.

The rocker arm ball joints must be machined by a professional with recognized know-how and experience.

Rocker arm ball joints are increasingly sought after in the transport sector, but also in aeronautics and railways. The machining of these rocker arm ball joints is becoming more and more frequent, because they give a better bearing to the valve.

The production of these specific parts is no small task. Only professional and experienced companies who care about quality and precision can provide you with rocker arm ball joints that meet the standards.


SMEPI has experience and know-how recognized around the world

For ten years now, we have been a leader in the field of machining mechanical and industrial parts (rocker ball joints, etc.). Precision mechanics no longer hold any secrets for us. We specialize in deep drilling, spark erosion and rolled threading.  

In the "particular" case of the machining of rocker arm ball joints , all operations are carried out according to a rigorous process. Permanent checks and tests are carried out at each stage of machining. Such measures are taken to be sure that at the end of the production chain, we are able to guarantee our customers parts that meet the qualities and safety standards in force. 

Industries using advanced technology trust SMEPI

Large groups working in the field of nuclear, rail transport, aeronautical transport come to us and trust us given the quality of our services. Our services include a preliminary technical study before each operation and a prototype presentation. Tests are also carried out on the designed parts before any delivery.

With us you have the guarantee that orders will be delivered on time. Your documents will be returned to you on the agreed date. And this "regularity" in the context of our activities is appreciated by our most picky partners like Dresser-Rand, Endel-Suez, Areva and many others.

  About SMEPI

In everything that relates to precision machining, we have more than 10 years, we enjoy an excellent reputation throughout France. For the machining of mechanical parts, SMEPI is the subcontractor you can trust. We rely on a competent and experienced team and a large stock of raw materials always available to ensure our customers the quality of products, speed and respect of deadlines is our mission. Our achievements are requested by companies with extremely numerous technological challenges, among others: special machines, nuclear power, transport, petrochemicals, energy, chemicals, etc. SMEPI has all the necessary resources to assist you throughout your project from the study phase to the heat and surface treatment, including: assembly, heat and surface treatment, study, choice materials to be used, prototyping, machining ... and finally, strict control of your parts.


SMEPI, the benchmark in precision

The failure and lack of power of a machine can result from improper cutting of the rocker arm ball joint. To avoid this, SMEPI relies heavily on the machining of our parts. We take the greatest care in single-piece components from its patronage to its finish, including its realization. In order to gain longevity, SMEPI shapes all the parts that are pre-ordered with nanometric precision. For a rocker arm ball joint, for example, we make sure that it is compatible with all the remaining parts. Obviously, this is hardly possible without the help of our team of professionals. To guarantee the finish of the work, SMEPI intervenes in the assembly of the component in question. Yes, partial assembly is also part of the activity of our company. For this purpose, you can entrust us with the mechanical assembly you wish.

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