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Machining of parts according to RCC-M standards: contact SMEPI

The rules concerning the machining of parts conforming to the RCC-M apply in the first place to the creation of mechanical parts and components of installations intended for use in a nuclear environment. If you are looking for a manufacturer who has a perfect understanding of  RCC-M standards, SMEPI is a company specializing in the design and production of mechanical safety, precision and wear parts for high-tech industries.


The RCC-M, a specific code for nuclear power


The Rules for the Design and Construction of Mechanical Equipment intended for nuclear use have been applicable since 1981. They mainly govern the manufacturing work and the trade in mechanical components used on the sites and in the nuclear islands of pressurized water reactors. They classify the parts into different categories according to the level of safety of their use. The RCC-M code to which is attached the list of equipment for which the rules must be applied is given to the customer at the time of purchase. It is useful to specify that the content of the code evolves according to the various innovations which take place in the nuclear sector.


Taking into account the risks incurred by operators working near or in the islands and the risks of pollution relating to a problem in the reactor or on the equipment which surrounds it, the machining according to the RCC-M of the mechanical parts intended for these materials should be left to specialized companies that have the necessary know-how and certifications.


SMEPI has many years of experience in the field of manufacturing various mechanical parts for the nuclear industry. We provide you with our skills and our expertise in the various constraints related to the safety of people and the environment in a nuclear environment. Whatever wear, precision or safety parts you need, we will find the best options to ensure their optimal efficiency.


The RCC-M code in industry

For those required to perform machining according to the RCC-M code , AFCEN organizes training courses or courses for directors, engineers and technicians involved in the process of design, manufacture, inspection or marketing of components that will be under nuclear pressure. The goal is to give the different stakeholders the opportunity to learn to navigate in the code and to identify the parts useful for their activities.


The main thing is to get to visualize the different chapters of the code and to understand the search logic in order to be able to navigate easily and find the useful information according to your needs and thus use this code within the framework of the design of nuclear pressure equipment. Professionals working in the field of RCC-M machining must therefore have a good command of this code and meet the standards in force. Likewise, the company in question must have the necessary equipment in order to carry out the recommended treatment operations.


The choice of a service provider for the design and manufacture of mechanical parts intended for the nuclear sector must therefore be done with care to avoid unpleasant surprises. Since 2001, SMEPI has been at the service of companies operating in the nuclear and energy sectors. We specialize in the manufacture of spare parts for thermal, hydraulic and nuclear power plants. Our working methods and our skills have earned us the trust of major contractors such as Alstom and Thermodyn (GE). ​


SMEPI, the specialist in precision mechanics


At SMEPI, we carry out RCC-M machining and we are specialized in the manufacture of parts subject to the most severe constraints. In addition to the RCC-M processes, we provide the various treatments required for each realization (thermal and surface), the control of parts (mechanical and impact tests, non-destructive tests, etc.)


We have integrated the entire subcontracting chain to make things easier for you. You have only one interlocutor which represents a saving of time and the assurance of a quality work with a very good traceability of the produced parts.


The recognized know-how of our company comes from the professionalism of our teams. Each employee is an expert in his field and is required to follow regular upgrades throughout his career. We are ISO 9001 certified and we adhere to the rules in a rigorous way. We are already working with Areva, a client for whom we carry out RCC-M machining in strict compliance with the specifications.


In addition, we offer a flexible service including delivery by timing in order to optimize the management of your stocks. If necessary, we will help you out by making spare parts without delay.


Why call on SMEPI?

In everything that has to do with precision machining, we have more than a decade of successes so we can be proud of an excellent reputation nationwide. For the machining of large, medium and small mechanical parts and shapes, SMEPI is the best one to turn to. We rely on a team of professionals and a substantial stock of raw materials always available to ensure product quality, speed and respect for deadlines. Our achievements are suitable for companies from a wide variety of fields, to name but a few: nuclear, petrochemicals, transport, chemicals, energy, special machines, etc. SMEPI has all the essential resources to assist you throughout your project from the study to the heat and surface treatment, including: prototyping, the choice of raw materials, heat and surface treatment, assembly , production, study ... as well as strict control of finished parts.

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