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Machining of parts used in petrochemicals: contact SMEPI

The machining of mechanical parts for the petrochemical industry is both a complex and delicate operation, given the multiple criteria to be taken into consideration for the design and manufacture itself. Recourse to the skills of a specialist is essential to ensure their reliability. SMEPI is a company experienced in the creation of tailor-made elements for mechanical assemblies intended for delicate sectors which you can contact with confidence.

Petrochemicals, a delicate sector

Petrochemicals encompass all the chemical processes applied to crude oil, its basic compounds and its derivatives for the manufacture of various synthetic products. This is an area in which the safety of people and the environment plays a major role, given the toxicity of certain components. The effects of petroleum and its derivatives on human and animal health can indeed be very harmful in the event of long-term exposure or high point exposure, while the risks of pollution of air, water and soils are also real.

The safety measures put in place in this sector also include guaranteeing the quality and reliability of various machines and equipment for processing raw materials or for their storage. The machining of parts for the petrochemical industry therefore requires the skills and expertise of professionals who control the risks inherent in their handling.

In the business of manufacturing components for delicate industrial installations for two decades, SMEPI is the preferred partner for all tailor-made creation projects for components for mechanical assemblies intended for use in difficult conditions. Whether it's fasteners, wear parts or safety parts, we are able to meet the most demanding needs and requirements. Our expertise and our seriousness have earned us the trust of many manufacturers, SMEs and large groups, and several certifications.

The challenges of quality machining in the field of petrochemicals

In the field of petrochemicals, machining parts are specifically intended to design mega-structures that allow the transformation of oil into plastic. A machining that respects point by point the specifications provided by the customer optimizes the life of the parts ordered. Good machining also responds to an economic issue, because a solid and resistant part will make it possible to optimize the available budgets. In addition, it should be noted that quality machining for petrochemicals makes it possible to obtain parts capable of withstanding the extreme conditions in which they are used while ensuring optimum user safety.

SMEPI designs parts according to your needs, but also according to different constraints (physical, chemical, atmospheric, temperature, pressure, etc.) to which they will be, or could be, exposed. We will take into consideration all the elements available to choose the right raw materials and machining methods. The satisfaction of our customers being at the center of our concerns, we will make every effort to ensure that your parts meet your expectations.

Trust the recognized know-how of SMEPI

SMEPI has specialized for more than ten years in the machining of mechanical parts. We thus carry out the machining of parts for the petrochemical industry and various other industries such as the automotive sector, nuclear power, aeronautics, construction, high technology, etc. We also have the necessary state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to adapt to the various demands of our customers, even the most demanding. Our flexibility allows us to push the customization to the maximum to adapt to your needs.

As a result, we are able to design a very wide variety of parts of all sizes and shapes, from the simplest to the most complex. In addition, to manufacture perfectly solid parts, we only use top quality raw materials from suppliers known for their reliability such as bronze, stainless steel, alloy steel, cupro-aluminum, Inconel, in Monel, etc. It is good to point out that each of the parts that we design are subjected to different tests in order to ensure their effectiveness.

As for the quality of our services, the professionalism of our technicians allows us to work quickly in order to deliver your orders as quickly as possible and to avoid any delay in your projects. Moreover, thanks to our expertise and the quality of our achievements, we participate in the realization of various projects of various large industrial groups such as Areva, Altsom, EDF or even SNCF.

Who are we ?

For the machining of mechanical parts of all sizes and formats, SMEPI stands out as the number one subcontractor to call on. In the extremely specialized field of precision machining, we have more than a decade of success, and we can be proud of a solid reputation throughout France. We rely on a competent and experienced team and a substantial reserve of raw materials always available in order to offer you the quality of achievements, speed and respect for deadlines. In order to guarantee your satisfaction, SMEPI provides you with a personalized and complete offer from the study phase to the heat and surface treatment, including prototyping, heat and surface treatment, assembly, production, choice. raw materials ... and finally, a strict check of your parts. Our products equip a large number of companies belonging to different fields including: petrochemicals, energy, special machines, nuclear, transport, chemicals ...

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