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Machining of bearings for mechanical assemblies: contact SMEPI

The machining of mechanical bearings is a delicate task which requires both the right machines and the skills of professionals. It is recommended that you contact a specialist company to be sure that you have parts that perfectly meet your needs. You can approach SMEPI for all types of precision mechanical component manufacturing, fastening, wear or safety work, especially if you are in high-tech industries such as energy, nuclear, rail, aeronautics, etc.


Why call on a specialist?


The manufacture of mechanical bearings must take into account various elements on which the reliability and conformity of the parts created with the needs will be based. In particular, it will be necessary to consider the technical characteristics of the assemblies on which they will be mounted. The conditions of use should not be neglected, especially if the systems are intended to operate frequently or permanently and if they may be subjected to severe chemical or atmospheric constraints which could affect their performance.


Leaving the machining of your mechanical bearings to an expert is the simplest and most advantageous solution to have all the elements that perfectly meet your needs. The stakes for the performance and reliability of the bearing fixed to the transmission shaft and intended to guide its rotation are enormous since a defect in the bearing can damage the entire system. Whether you want to create plain or rolling bearings, for reasons of safety and efficiency, the use of a professional is essential.


An expert will be able to take into consideration all the constraints to which the parts will be exposed during their use (very high or very low temperatures, traction or mechanical thrusts, humidity, aggression of chemicals, etc.) to choose the right material for manufacture. . He will also make sure to design your mechanical elements in accordance with the specifications you have given him. For classic or specific needs, you can call on SMEPI to create your mechanical parts. You will benefit from personalized support for the study of your projects while guaranteeing the quality of the elements to be manufactured.


The different kinds of bearings


The machining of the bearings must be very precise, because they are subject to permanent friction. Lubrication is also important during use. Plain bearings are classified according to the direction of the driveshaft and the load to which they are subjected. Each category corresponds to a particular type of lubrication, discontinuous with lost oil, continuous with wick lubricator, etc.


The wearer is the simplest model and can consist of a case and pad in one piece, or a two-piece pad that fits together. The purpose of the thrust bearings is to hold the shaft and prevent movement along its axis. Those with bearings can use balls, rollers or needles. They are the ones who have the best returns.


For the machining of bearings intended for high power motors, it is recommended to call in a specialist such as SMEPI . We have twenty years of experience in the design and manufacture of wear parts for industrial use. The skills accumulated over the decades have enabled us to master the various machining techniques and the properties of the materials that we use for the creation of mechanical components.


SMEPI, the specialist in standardized parts


With fifteen years of experience in our sector of activity, we are a key player in the field of manufacturing security parts. Our professionalism and our ability to meet the requirements of companies operating in fields requiring precision make us a privileged service provider for ALSTOM, EDF, Wärtsilä and even Rhodia.


At SMEPI, we carry out the machining of bearings for engines intended for sports vehicles or the railway sector. We control the entire production and subcontracting chain to bring you a very high quality service as well as complete satisfaction. Our staff are qualified and experienced and have great expertise in their field.


Our quality system meets the ISO 9001 standard and we carry out strict controls on each part in order to guarantee a flawless manufacturing. We have developed a great know-how in the production of specific parts, from the study to the definition of the specifications until the production and the delivery. For the machining of bearings which will be subjected to severe constraints, call on SMEPI. Our team brings you the guarantee of a job well done and in accordance with your specifications.

If you have a mission to entrust to us, contact us by sending us an email or by calling us.


Trust SMEPI for your precision part machining needs

In everything related to precision machining, we have more than 10 years of presence, we have managed to forge an enviable reputation nationwide. For the machining of large, medium and small mechanical parts and formats, SMEPI is the number one subcontractor able to carry out the development of your elements. In order to guarantee your satisfaction, SMEPI offers you complete support from the study to the heat and surface treatment, including heat and surface treatment, assembly, prototyping, actual machining, selection of materials. to use ... and finally, a rigorous control of each part. We put at your service the know-how and experience of a multidisciplinary team and the quality of our materials in order to meet your quality and speed constraints. Our achievements equip many firms working in very varied industrial branches, among others: petrochemicals, transport, chemicals, special machines, energy, nuclear, etc.

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