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Precision machining for the Oil & Gas industry

In the Oil & Gas sector, the machining of mechanical parts and bolts must meet rigorous standards and processes. A specialist in the manufacture of precision industrial parts, SMEP Industries takes care of the custom manufacturing of your mechanical wear and safety parts from A to Z. We have recognized expertise in this area.

Machining of spare parts for the Oil & Gas industry

In the Oil & Gas industry, the quality of the mechanical machining of fixing and connecting parts, special bolts and other mechanical sub-assemblies is of strategic importance.

These different components guarantee the reliability and performance of machines and equipment dedicated to the production, processing and storage of raw materials. To this end, the machining of parts for the Oil & Gas sector requires the expertise of professionals who master the challenges related to their application.

Oil & Gas is a particularly demanding sector in terms of safety, productivity and meeting deadlines. Usually companies in this sector stock large quantities of spare parts in the field, to minimize disruption and disruption of service. If a piece of equipment breaks down or malfunctions, service technicians must be able to find the replacement part quickly.

Benefiting from a solid reputation in precision machining for the petroleum sector, SMEP Industries is able to supply, according to plans, specifications or specifications, all mechanical parts, studs, screws, bar turning as well as sub-parts. assemblies and mechanical assemblies.

Oil & Gas precision machining: proven expertise

Good machining guarantees increased performance and durability for mechanical parts. Wear and safety parts, bearing, valve, valve stem… The quality of machining also responds to an economic issue, because a solid and resistant part will allow you to optimize your maintenance and upkeep budget.

On behalf of Oil & Gas companies , we have developed fine expertise in the precision machining of specific mechanical assemblies or sub-assemblies and more precisely parts subject to strong mechanical or environmental constraints.

This is particularly the case with tubular components used, among other applications, to produce or inject gas, oil, water, steam. We provide tailor-made solutions, adjusted to your specific constraints, to better meet your needs.

SMEPI is a long-standing supplier in the Oil & Gas, rail, nuclear and aeronautical sectors. We provide a full range of services and tailor-made support from the study phase to heat and surface treatment, including prototyping, heat and surface treatment, assembly, production, choice of materials. raw.

SMEP Industries meets all your technical requirements concerning the precision machining of mechanical parts. Our design office supports you in the design of your part and brings you all its know-how and expertise. ISO 9001 certified for many years, our company is run by a passionate team of dynamic professionals whose common goal is to satisfy the customer. Contact us.

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