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Machining of mechanical parts on a special machine: SMEPI is at the service of manufacturers

The machining on a special machine of mechanical parts is a delicate operation. In addition to the compliance of the device with the needs of the elements to be created, the operator must also know how to use and master its operation. Expert in the manufacture of fasteners, wear and safety parts by precision machining, SMEPI puts its skills at the disposal of cutting-edge industries (petrochemicals, nuclear, mechanics, railways, etc.).

Choosing the right machining company for the manufacture of your mechanical parts

Choosing the right service provider for the manufacture of particular mechanical parts by machining on a special machine is essential to ensure the quality and conformity of the elements to be created to your needs, but above all to the constraints relating to their future use. Speaking to an expert also offers other advantages. He will be able to recommend the best options for the choice of raw materials and he will also select the suitable machining method.

When prospecting for your service provider, it is advisable to rely on the experience and skills of the various companies that have caught your attention. You can also rely on the certifications they have and the opinions of their clients (former or current). SMEPI is the reference partner in delicate sectors such as energy, aeronautics, railways, mechanics, etc. for the manufacture of mechanical parts since 2001.

The advantages of choosing SMEPI

For more than ten years, SMEPI has made the manufacture of mechanical parts of all kinds its core business. We specialize in particular in the design of wear, safety and precision elements intended for sensitive and cutting-edge sectors such as nuclear, energy, transport, petrochemicals, armaments, food processing, etc. We perfectly master the rolled threading, deep drilling and spark erosion processes and are equipped with state-of-the-art machines to carry them out according to the rules of the art.

Our team of experienced professionals has recognized know-how in the industrial machining of precision mechanical elements. Thus, we take care of all the work related to the manufacture of metal parts. By choosing to trust us for the machining of your industrial mechanical parts, you are sure to benefit from a quality service on time and in accordance with the standards in force.

Whatever your field of activity, if you need the services of an expert for the design and machining of parts for a special machine , we provide you with a dedicated team to support you throughout your project: definition of your needs, design and manufacture of the desired parts, whatever their complexity.

Trust SMEPI for the machining of your special machine parts

The manufacture of wear and safety parts must comply with the ISO 9001 standard. The same applies to the machining of specific mechanical assemblies for special machines. Our team of experts can help you implement your project, from drawing up plans or specifications to heat and surface treatments.

As we take charge of the entire production chain, we can guarantee quality work done as quickly as possible. If you wish, we can even make prototypes before the start of production to ensure that the parts comply with your specifications and the quality standards in force.

Whatever the mechanical and chemical constraints to which the parts will be subjected, we are able to provide you with products offering a high level of resistance to abrasion, corrosion and extreme temperature variations (cold, heat, etc.) .

A team of professionals who can help you out at any time

Sometimes it happens that the mechanical parts of your special machines are broken, leading to breakdown and forced shutdown of your activities. To meet your urgent needs, we can machine replacement parts at very short notice. With two production sites and a large stock of raw materials, we are able to manufacture and deliver your parts quickly.

Regarding the machining of mechanical elements strictly speaking, our machine park consists of conventional lathes and state-of-the-art numerical control machine tools. They allow us to work on all kinds of surfaces, flat or curved, in a classic way or at very high speed.

In addition to the machining of parts, you can entrust us with the complete assembly of assemblies and mechanical sub-assemblies of your special machines . In this case, we ensure the acquisition and management of the necessary parts.

Focus on SMEPI services

In everything related to precision machining, we capitalize on more than ten years of experience, we are recognized nationally. In the field of precision industrial mechanics, in particular in the machining of your mechanical parts, SMEPI is the expert able to ensure the design of your elements. We provide you with the know-how and experience of a multidisciplinary team and the quality of our raw materials to ensure the quality of the parts, speed and respect of deadlines. In order to provide the optimal response to your requirements, SMEPI designs a personalized and complete offer including production, assembly, heat and surface treatment, choice of raw materials, prototyping ... and finally, a strict checking of your parts. Our manufactured products are used by many firms belonging to different trades including: nuclear, petrochemicals, transport, special machines, energy, chemicals, etc.

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