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Machining of parts for deep drilling machines: contact SMEPI

The manufacture of mechanical parts for deep drilling rigs requires careful machining. Perfect dimensions and finishes are essential for  ensure their role during their future use. For all your precision machining part creation projects, SMEPI presents itself as a preferred service provider. Our twenty years of experience in this field are a guarantee of our reliability and our skills.

Precision mechanics, machining of parts for deep drilling

We speak of deep drilling when the length of the hole is greater than 10  times its diameter. It is a machining technique carried out on a platform (machine) used in the production of parts with high added value, in particular in the field of aeronautics and hydrocarbon prospecting (design of components of trains of landing, valve blocks, etc.). It is recommended when it comes to drilling all types of holes  : axial, eccentric, blind or with special bottom.

For parts of complex shapes requiring high mechanical characteristics such as certain refractory metal alloys or hardened steels, machining by spark erosion is the most appropriate. This technique combines extreme machining precision with improved resistance to corrosion and wear. In addition, die-sinking EDM allows you to directly obtain different surface states for the finishing of your parts. There is also the technique of rolled threading intended for connecting or assembly parts requiring high dimensional precision.

Taking into account the stakes of the quality of the parts to be created, the choice of materials in which they will be made and that of the manufacturing method must be done with care. By approaching SMEPI for your deep drilling machine part machining projects, you can be sure that you have items that will exactly meet your needs and the demands of your business. Our technicians will be able to recommend the best options to you according to your expectations.

Mechanical parts, call a specialized manufacturer

The creation of mechanical parts for high-tech industries and industries at risk is an area reserved for a few minorities.

Indeed, the performance and reliability issues of the components delivered to customers are enormous given the sectors in which they will be used. They are generally intended for machines and mechanical systems used in difficult conditions and often subjected to mechanical (thrust, traction, etc.), chemical (exposure to aggressive products), or thermal (very high or very low temperatures) constraints. ) and humidity.

In addition, in the nuclear, chemical or petrochemical industries, their resistance and efficiency are also synonymous with safety. It is therefore essential to be equipped with suitable, powerful machines that can offer a high level of precision with a tiny margin of error.

In addition to the choice of material, it is also important to choose the service provider. In fact, whether for machining or deep drilling, it is strongly recommended to obtain mechanical parts from a specialist. The latter is able to assist you and advise you on the type of equipment suitable for the work to be undertaken. By contacting a specialized manufacturer, you will benefit from tailor-made tools perfectly suited to your needs.

Calling on a specialized manufacturer like SMEPI will also allow you to guarantee the conformity of the parts that you will install on your machines with the norms and standards required by the regulations applicable in your sector of activity. We have certifications and recognition from our customers  : (out of order) ISO 9001, EDF UTO, FRAMATOME, Westinghouse, Emerson, GE Power. Proof of the quality of our work and of our skills.


SMEPI is a benchmark in precision mechanics for many sectors such as aerospace, aeronautics, nuclear power, automotive, medical, electronics, watchmaking, construction, household appliances, etc. Experts in machining and manufacturing of safety parts and wear parts, we operate mainly in three areas of activity, including  rolled threading, deep drilling and spark erosion.

We control the production chain from end to end, from the feasibility study of the project to the design, and up to the production in small, medium and large series. In addition, our service includes the supply of raw materials and the possibility of creating prototypes according to your orders.

With more than 10 years of experience in precision machining, we work according to modern manufacturing processes and provide you with a high added value team as well as a wide range of products meeting all your requirements.


Who are we ?

For the machining of mechanical components, whatever their size and shape, SMEPI is a reference service provider you can trust. In precision machining, we have more than ten years of presence, we are known nationally. Our achievements are requested by companies belonging to multiple sectors, among others: petrochemicals, special machines, nuclear, energy, transport, chemicals, etc. In order to guarantee your satisfaction, SMEPI designs a personalized and complete offer including machining, the choice of raw materials, prototyping, assembly, heat and surface treatment ... without forgetting a rigorous verification of each part. We rely on a highly qualified team and a large reserve of materials always available to meet your quality and speed constraints.

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