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Entrust the machining of foundry parts to an expert

Like the manufacture of any mechanical element intended for use in difficult environments, the machining of foundry parts must be entrusted to experts. If you are looking for a reliable company to create the building blocks of your foundry, SMEPI has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision mechanical parts, fasteners and safety for industrial use.

The manufacture of foundry parts: a delicate operation

The machining of foundry parts requires both professional skills and suitable machines. Considering the importance of the exactitude of the dimensions and the details on each element, the work requires perfect precision in the measurements. In most cases, the parts are manufactured in two stages, the first time with what is called a "machining allowance" and the second, which is similar to finishing, consists of re-machining to obtain parts. with exact measurements.

It is useful to specify here that machining represents the most suitable solution for the production of parts for foundry, molding rarely offering the expected results. Specialist in the manufacture of precision mechanical parts for sensitive activity sectors since 2001, SMEPI is a trusted partner for tailor-made creation that can exactly meet the needs of high-tech industries.

When to use the machining process?

Machining of foundry tools is required after heat treatment and deburring are complete. But before finishing the parts (anodizing, painting, etc.), they must be machined by computer numerical control (CNC). To do this, specialist companies can use programmed computers to guide the machining tools in order to shape the part accordingly.

One of the ways to do machining is turning. It involves using ceramic or carbide cutting tools to create a smooth finish on the casting. This provides good wear resistance and a longer service life. The goal is to remove any unwanted material from the outside and inside of the molded part to give it a high level of finish.

The other way is milling. This process involves fixing the workpiece securely to the machine table; and cutting tools rotate and move at optimum speed on the workpiece to improve its characteristics.

Then specialists can perform surface grinding to achieve a precision flat finish. In reality, the outer edges of the parts are molded and ground via a grinding wheel rotating at high speed.

Finally, they can perform manual drilling to tap holes in the workpiece using custom drilling devices. However, specialists can check whether the machining work meets your needs. In this case, they can use automated equipment and probes.

Entrust SMEP Industries with the machining of your foundry parts  

Are you looking for a company specializing in general mechanics in France, and which will be able to provide an adequate response to your part grinding criteria? SMEP Industries has a qualified team that will put its skills at your service and respond effectively to your needs in terms of machining of foundry parts.

To identify your needs, the company will carry out an in-depth study of your project before offering you an adequate response. Your foundry parts machining company can assist you with all of its other industrial mechanical services.

If you would like to discover the other services offered to you, or if you want to obtain a free estimate for your project, contact the SMEP Industries team. In addition to the foundry part machining service, the brand offers part machining on a boring machine, part grinding, industrial mechanics, large format parts machining, etc.

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