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Overall machining of ball joints: contact SMEPI

Machining a set of ball joints is a delicate job. The use of the skills of an experienced manufacturer is recommended to ensure the conformity of these mechanical assemblies to the systems on which they will be mounted. You can confidently turn to SMEPI for the tailoring of your precision mechanical parts, wear or fasteners intended for use in an industrial environment.

The advantages of using a professional

The manufacture of mechanical parts is a delicate operation, particularly when it comes to creating elements intended for specific sectors such as the advanced mechanical industries, energy, nuclear or even thermal industries. In fact, in these categories, the conditions of use of the parts are more or less difficult, so it is essential to ensure that their technical specificities comply with the constraints to which they will be exposed.

Entrusting the machining of all the ball joints you need to a specialist will allow you to benefit from the expertise of professionals who will be able to recommend the metals required according to the requirements of your activity. It is also the best way to ensure the quality of the parts intended for your mechanical assemblies. However, it is recommended that you choose the service provider to whom you are going to address yourself by relying not only on his experience, but also on his reputation with former and current customers.

With SMEPI, you will benefit from our long experience and the skills of our teams of expert technicians for the custom manufacture of your mechanical assemblies. We will work together on your project in order to design the solutions best suited to your expectations and to the requirements to be respected concerning both the constraints of use and the imposed norms and standards applicable in each sector of activity.


Ball joints adapted to customer needs

Ball joints are parts that are used to allow two mechanical shafts to be articulated while serving as a pivot to facilitate multidirectional movements. The rotation allowed by the ball joint can be completely free with a 360 ° rotation or have a locking system which makes it possible to limit the angle of rotation to 90 ° or 180 ° for example. Depending on your needs, we can produce ball joints in standard shapes and sizes, or create specific ball joints according to your specifications. We can thus adapt the machining of a set of ball joints to obtain parts with a simple or complex geometry.

The manufacture of a system formed of two or more ball joints is a complex operation taking into account the parameters to be taken into account such as the accuracy of the measurements, the fixing and holding devices or the perfection of the interlocking of the parts between them. . SMEPI has a seasoned know-how in the manufacture of wear parts acquired over many years of experience. We will be able to take charge of the design and production of your sets of ball joints  in the rules of art.

Quality machining to ensure the reliability of the ball joints

Due to its spherical design, the ball joint is quite a delicate part to produce  ; it requires a perfect mastery of the techniques of manufacturing mechanical parts. By relying on precision equipment and our know-how, we can ensure the machining of a set of ball joints while guaranteeing their quality. Moreover, our ball joints are treated to withstand critical thermal conditions. In addition, thanks to an excellent resistance to the most important shocks, the design of our ball joints is studied to offer a very long service life. Depending on the expected use, we will use the most suitable alloys for machining a set of ball joints . We therefore scrupulously ensure that our parts meet the highest safety requirements. They are also tested on several levels before being shipped.

Trust the professionalism of SMEPI

For the past ten years, SMEPI has continued to strengthen its material and technological resources in order to meet the new requirements of its customers and to design ever more qualitative and resistant parts. The machining of a set of ball joints is therefore one of our specialties. Thanks to the quality of the mechanical parts that we design and the respect of the fixed deadlines, we are able to work with particularly demanding manufacturers. In addition, we supply many sectors such as nuclear, aeronautics, petrochemicals or the automotive industry.

SMEPI, the benchmark in mechanical component machining

For the machining of your mechanical components, SMEPI is the best for anyone with specific needs. In the extremely specialized branch of precision machining, we have more than a decade of presence, we have managed to forge a solid reputation in the four corners of France. SMEPI brings you a complete service from the study phase to the heat and surface treatment, including assembly, selection of raw materials, heat and surface treatment, machining, prototyping, etc. that strict control of your parts. We provide you with the skills and experience of a multidisciplinary team and the quality of raw materials to ensure the quality of parts, speed and respect for deadlines. Our achievements are acclaimed by companies belonging to different trades in particular: energy, petrochemicals, chemicals, nuclear, transport, special machines ...

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