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Screw machining on drawing: trust SMEPI

The machining of screws from a drawing is a task which requires both expert skills and the right equipment. This is why it is essential to entrust the operation to a specialized company  in the manufacture of mechanical fastening, safety and assembly parts experienced for high-tech and sensitive industries. SMEPI is a preferred partner for any tailor-made project for screws, bolts and bolts.

The challenges of the quality of the screws

The quality of the screws depends both on the know-how of the manufacturer and on the technological performance of its fleet of machines. Being part of security elements, screws must be manufactured according to the requirements of the quality standards in force. It is also necessary to scrupulously respect the design plan validated with the customer.

They must therefore be able to perform their function perfectly and avoid incidents which could affect the proper functioning of the devices on which they are installed.  Defective or poor quality screws can affect the functioning of the components and installations on which they are installed. It also puts people in close proximity to the risk of injury. Among the means which make it possible to ensure the quality of the fasteners on the one hand, and their compliance with the requirements of the conditions of use, include the machining of screws to plan and the use of the expertise of specialized manufacturers such as SMEPI.


What is the machining of screws on drawing  ?

One of the most efficient screw manufacturing methods is the custom-made screw processing. This process makes it possible to create parts that perfectly meet the requirements of industrial applications. Indeed, in certain sensitive sectors such as aeronautics, energy and nuclear, chemicals and petrochemicals, mechanics or railways, parts such as screws, studs and bolts which are used to assemble, to tighten and to fix are subjected to pressure, to physical, mechanical and chemical aggressions, to extreme temperatures.


By calling on SMEPI, a company specializing in the design of screws, you will benefit from professional advice and support for the choice of materials and machining techniques adapted to the various constraints relating to their use. Our experts will study your needs upstream before designing the fasteners that will exactly meet your expectations and the requirements of your business sectors. Our many years of experience in the field is a guarantee of the quality of the items we manufacture.

Why use the machining technique  ?

The use of fasteners is ubiquitous in almost all industrial sectors. In certain sectors, the shapes and dimensions of the parts (screws, bolts and nuts) are specific and professionals have no other possibilities than to carry out custom manufacturing.

To do this, they are required to consult companies specializing in the machining of screws from drawings . The latter's mission is to manufacture parts that comply with the customer's specifications and recommendations. Before starting production, the subcontractor's design office is first responsible for studying and then validating the design plan for the screws. Once this is done, production can be started.

The machining will allow sponsors to have personalized screws. Regardless of the complexity of the shape, size and other specificities of the product, a specialist in security parts subject to the most severe constraints like SMEPI is able to carry them out according to the plan agreed with the client.

It is for this reason that it is very important to always privilege companies of machining of screws on plan which benefit from the best technology and the best know-how to make sure to benefit from quality parts.

Tailor-made solutions available at SMEPI

With fifteen years of experience, SMEPI is a benchmark in precision industrial mechanics. We have specific know-how in the production of wear and safety parts according to plans or customer specifications.

We can work with various materials such as stainless steels, alloy steels, bronze, inconel, etc., and use the most efficient manufacturing processes: rolled threading, deep drilling, electro erosion.  

With SMEPI, you benefit from a global service, because our teams of technicians take care of the complete realization of your screws: studies, production of prototypes, supply of raw materials, assembly of mechanical assemblies or sub-assemblies, heat treatments and surface. All the machined parts are then subjected to checks (mechanical tests, tensile tests, proof load, resilience, etc.)  in order to check their resistance to all possible stresses.

With our off-plan screw machining company, you can rest assured that all your recommendations will be followed to the smallest detail. In addition to this, we are committed to delivering your order on time.

Our offer

For the machining of mechanical components, whatever their size and shape, SMEPI is the essential service provider you can trust. In terms of precision machining, we have more than 10 years of experience, we are renowned throughout France. In order to provide the optimal response to your needs, SMEPI designs a tailor-made and complete offer including the choice of raw materials, prototyping, production, assembly, heat and surface treatment ... not to mention a control rigorous parts. Our achievements provide a large number of companies with very diverse technological challenges, in particular: petrochemicals, transport, energy, chemicals, special machines, nuclear power, etc. We put at your service the skills and experience of a team of experts and the quality of materials in order to ensure the quality of achievements, speed and respect of deadlines.

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