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Machining of special screws: SMEPI at your service

The machining of special screws consists in manufacturing screw elements of all kinds for particular uses, in particular for use in complex and delicate sectors such as mechanics and high-tech industry. SMEPI has included the design and manufacture of these mechanical parts among its areas of expertise for twenty years now.

Special screws  : for what uses  ?

Unlike conventional screws, special screws are intended for use in difficult conditions. The role of these elements is sometimes not limited to fixing systems as sometimes they must also ensure the safety or serve as an axis. The special screws are in principle designed to be installed on industrial installations and mechanical assemblies which will be subjected to difficult conditions of use.

The parts must then be designed taking into consideration the various stresses to which they will be exposed during use.  : extreme heat or cold, humidity and water vapor, various thrusts or pulls, attack by chemicals, etc.

In very demanding environments such as aeronautics, the machining of special screws must comply with a certain number of criteria and standards. Thus, aeronautical screws are only approved as such if they meet very precise dimensional standards and quality requirements.

With its many years of experience and its mastery of the various manufacturing techniques of mechanical parts for fixing, wear and securing for high-tech industries, SMEPI is a reference partner for the purchase or tailor-made tailoring. screws adapted to your sector of activity.

The advantages of using a specialist manufacturer

By calling on a specialized professional for the machining of your special screws, you can be sure of the conformity of the parts for their use. He will perfectly respect the specifications that you give him. If necessary, the specialist will recommend the options best suited to the requirements of their use, in particular the choice of material in which your screws will be made.

The experts within SMEPI will be able to take into consideration all the elements that will determine the future technical specificities of your screws. Depending on your sector of activity and the various constraints to which the parts may be subjected during their use, they will be able to select the most suitable metals or metal alloys, any physical, chemical or mechanical treatments that will allow them to be optimized. performance and ensure maximum service life.

Opt for optimal quality screws

The quality of the screws is essential insofar as they make it possible to firmly assemble parts together. This is all the more true in industrial sectors which use these elements to create mega-infrastructures. Aware of these security issues, SMEPI ensures that the machining of special screws requested by a customer complies with all the standards and regulations in force.

In addition, we have a design office made up of experts capable of validating the specifications before any production or making the necessary modifications to guarantee the reliability of the finished products. We also use particularly resistant metal alloys to guarantee the strength of the parts produced. A rigorous selection is carried out upstream of the machining operation. Thus, the elements produced will be able to withstand extreme conditions of use.

Taking into account their end use, we can therefore treat them so that they can withstand a very high level of thermal shock and particularly high pressure. Whether it concerns screws, studs, nuts, forged heads or rolled threads, we implement strict control measures to guarantee the optimum reliability of our parts.


With more than ten years of experience in the design and manufacture of mechanical parts, we produce standard or special screws, and at the same time, our team can also tackle the machining of these elements by according to the requests of each customer. Our quality department pays all its attention to respecting the specifications, following the mentioned specifications and strictly observing the standards.

Thanks to the various collaborations we have concluded - with major international manufacturers - we are constantly optimizing the quality of our products and our services in order to meet the highest standards. Thus, we supply mechanical parts for large groups working in particularly demanding sectors such as nuclear, transport, aeronautics, petrochemicals or even the automotive industry.

Rely on SMEPI's experience for any intervention on precision parts

In the field of precision machining, we are capitalizing on more than ten years of presence, we are renowned throughout France. In terms of precision industrial mechanics, particularly in the machining of large, medium and small mechanical parts and formats, SMEPI is the subcontractor to call on. Our machining company trusts a highly qualified team and has a substantial stock of raw materials to meet your quality and time constraints. Our products are acclaimed by many companies with extremely diverse technological needs in particular: energy, special machines, transport, petrochemicals, chemicals, nuclear, etc. SMEPI has all the necessary resources to support you at each stage of your project including machining, selection of materials to be used, prototyping, assembly, heat and surface treatment ... not to mention a rigorous verification of each room.

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