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Anchor tie machining: entrust the task to SMEPI

Anchor rod machining is an operation to be entrusted to experts given the importance of its role once it is in place. The choice of the manufacturer must therefore be made with care to avoid accidents on the installations. You can confidently turn to SMEPI for the creation and installation of your tie rods.

What is the tie rod used for?

The tie rod is one of the securing devices used on construction sites. It is a system intended to stabilize a structure or an entire construction on a ground which presents risks of instability or movements. The principle is quite simple given that the tie rod is first fixed so as to bear on the element to be stabilized and the tensile forces which are applied to it are transmitted to a very solid layer of soil. It can be installed temporarily, usually for two years, or permanently.

Considering the stakes of its performance and reliability, but above all because of the safety stakes on construction sites, it would be unwise to entrust the machining of tie rods to non-professionals. It is more than recommended to contact an experienced company recognized for its skills in the manufacture and installation of this type of system. SMEPI is a specialized company with twenty years of experience in the manufacture of various securing and fixing elements for high-tech industries to which you can turn for any project concerning the creation of custom-made mechanical system components intended for sensitive areas or delicate installations.

Tie rods specific to each project

The use of tie rods is necessary in large construction sites, in particular to consolidate retaining walls. Depending on the dangers identified, its implementation may be just recommended or mandatory. The objective is to optimize the safety of the people who will work on the site, but also to eliminate the risk of subsequent collapse or landslide.

The tie rods can weigh a few tens of tons up to 1,500 tons for the most imposing sites. The machining of the tie rods must also make it possible to determine the necessary length knowing that it can vary greatly from one project to another. Thus, tie rods of 10 meters are generally required on small sites, but their length can reach more than 60 meters in some cases.

Depending on your project, we will define the most suitable metal alloys to create the reinforcement of your tie rods. Tests will also be carried out to verify their resistance to extreme conditions of use. In addition, the machining of the tie rods includes treatment against corrosion by considering the nature of the terrain as well as the climatic and geological conditions of the construction zone. Furthermore, the anti-corrosion treatment will not be the same depending on whether it is a temporary installation or a permanent installation.


SMEPI makes every effort to ensure that the items manufactured by us comply with the expectations of our customers and the various safety and quality standards imposed by each sector of activity. Our experts will be able to take into account all the existing technical, geological and environmental factors, as well as the various constraints that may be linked to the installation of the anchor during its design.

SMEPI's recognized know-how

Since 2001 SMEP Industries has been able to collaborate with large international companies and respond effectively to their machining needs. Our ability to adapt to the most diverse projects has enabled us to supply different sectors, from construction to nuclear, including petrochemicals, aeronautics and telecommunications.

Thanks to a team of highly qualified technicians and advanced equipment, we are able to proceed with the machining of resistant anchors while respecting point by point the specifications which will be provided to us.

Regarding the delivery of your orders, SMEPI relies on respecting the delivery time indicated on the order form. Our stock of raw materials also allows us to immediately manufacture the parts ordered. This is made possible by our collaboration with reliable suppliers who allow us to have all the raw materials needed for manufacturing without waiting for supply delays. We also benefit from an efficient and flexible structure in order to respond quickly to urgent needs such as troubleshooting or for broken parts, etc.

Who are we ?

In the extremely specialized field of precision machining, we can justify ten years of presence, we have succeeded in building an enviable reputation in the four corners of France. For the machining of large, medium and small mechanical parts and shapes, SMEPI is the essential service provider able to ensure the development of your elements.

In order to guarantee your satisfaction, SMEPI designs a tailor-made and complete offer including: prototyping, choice of raw materials, heat and surface treatment, study, assembly, machining ... as well as strict control of your parts. We put at your disposal the skills and experience of a team of professionals and the quality of our raw materials to guarantee our customers the quality of the products, speed and respect of deadlines is our objective. Our machined components are suitable for companies working in a wide variety of environments, among others: chemistry, petrochemicals, transport, nuclear, special machines, energy ...

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