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Copper machining for the creation of mechanical parts: contact SMEPI

Any type of copper machining work should be entrusted to a specialist to ensure quality. Even more if it is a question of manufacturing precision or safety elements to be installed on machines or industrial installations. Addressing mainly high-tech industries such as aeronautics, railways and energy, SMEPI is a preferred partner for the purchase or custom creation of these  mechanical parts.

Copper parts, widely used in industrial mechanics

Used for the manufacture of various alloys intended for making parts for mechanics, copper is one of the most commonly used metals in the industrial sector. Its conductive properties and its technical and chemical characteristics make it a material of choice for the creation of various parts. However, it has low mechanical strength; and since it can be twisted and deformed easily, it is important to mix it with other materials to strengthen its strength.

Given the specificities of copper, its machining requires specific know-how and suitable equipment. Companies specializing in the field of manufacturing precision mechanical parts, wearing or safety in copper such as SMEPI, however, have the human, technological and material resources to carry out all work on copper while ensuring the quality of the parts and the optimization of the metal properties necessary for the use of the latter.

We put our many years of experience in working metals suitable for high-tech industries and delicate sectors at your disposal to create the parts you need for your products, machines or industrial facilities. All the items we make are also compliant with the various standards applicable in the specific business sectors included in our areas of expertise.  

Copper machining processes

The properties of copper allow different machining methods. Metal can be cut by shearing, slitting or with a knife. If the use of specialized tools such as laser machines or high pressure water jet is common, this operation can be done perfectly by hand thanks to the low resistance of the material. In some cases, the metal or alloy must be the subject of a treatment or several specific treatments (chemical or mechanical) to optimize its qualities. And in order to ensure performance and service life, but also compliance with the requirements required by the conditions of use of the parts that will be manufactured with it.

As regards the shaping of the part to be produced, several techniques can be envisaged. Depending on the destination of the part, it is assembled mechanically (with screws and rivets), by compression (using glued joints) or thermally (by welding). Note that the machining processes for the various copper alloys are generally the same. SMEPI perfectly masters the physical and chemical properties of copper. We also have a good knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of this metal and we can advise you on the most suitable options according to the requirements of your activities.


Copper machining by SMEPI

With ten years of experience in the production of safety and wear parts, SMEPI designs and manufactures items that can withstand extreme stresses. In copper machining, we provide you with our know-how and professionalism. On the basis of your plans and your specifications, we take charge of the entire production chain.

Our services range from development to design and surface treatment. In addition, our service is planned beyond the production phase: personalized follow-up and support offer you the possibility of planning the delivery and the constitution of stock according to your needs. For these reasons, the quality of the products of the machining of copper parts by SMEPI is recognized in the most demanding sectors such as  nuclear or energy.

Perfectionist and aware of the security issues our customers must face, we organize specific protocols to control parts at each stage of their manufacture and we ensure their traceability. This guarantee thus enables us to respond effectively to the expectations of customers such as Areva, EDF, SNCF, Rhodia or even Alstom.

In addition to the machining of copper parts , we also have the skills to carry out missions relating to deep drilling, spark erosion as well as rolled threading. Our customers also call on our expertise to carry out studies before the creation of a part. This step will then lead to the production of a prototype.

If you have any questions about our services, contact us by email or phone.

Who are we ?

In the field of precision machining, we have more than a decade of success, we are recognized all over France. In terms of precision mechanics, especially in the machining of mechanical parts of all sizes and shapes, SMEPI stands out as an essential service provider if you have specific needs. Our achievements are chosen by professionals working in extremely varied sectors including: chemistry, petrochemicals, energy, transport, special machines, nuclear ... Our machining company involves a highly qualified team and has a large stock of materials in order to ensure the quality of the products, the speed and the respect of the deadlines. SMEPI provides you with turnkey services including the choice of materials to be used, prototyping, actual machining, heat and surface treatment, assembly ... as well as a strict verification of the worked parts.

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