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Entrust the machining of your mechanical valves to an expert

The machining of valves is a delicate and complex operation given the importance of the efficiency and reliability of this type of part on an installation or a mechanical assembly. This is why it is preferable to call on an expert for their preparation. With twenty years of experience in manufacturing precision, wear and safety mechanical parts, SMEPI is a benchmark supplier to companies in the rail, aeronautics and energy industries.

The roles of mechanical valves in industry

The valve is a mechanical system that is placed in a conduit to temporarily stop the fluid (liquid or gas in particular) circulating there or to simply prevent it from passing. It can be fixed or mobile and also serves to control the flow of fluid in the conduit.

In high-risk sectors such as the thermal industry or energy, in hydrocarbon processing or distribution facilities, or even on nuclear sites, the reliability of the valve is essential, above all for safety reasons.

The machining of valves must absolutely take into account the type of fluid which circulates in the conduits on which they will be installed, but also the thermal, mechanical or chemical conditions and constraints to which these parts will be subjected. This precaution will allow better choice of the ideal type of materials for their manufacture.

Note that mastering this process requires a high degree of technicality. This is in fact the domain of nuclear and chemical, and especially in terms of new machining technologies. This is why it is important to choose your supplier well.

Valves, guarantors of safety

In the nuclear, energy and chemical / petrochemical sectors, from the design of premises, laboratories and workstations, it is essential to take into account and ensure the safety and health of workers. employees. In this case, the implementation of effective safety devices is essential, in particular against fires or air pollution.

For example, in industries using combustible gas installations, valves make it possible to avoid the risk of anoxia by protecting the installations, pipes and gas distribution points against gas flow reversals. In chemical laboratories, valves are installed on the extraction ducts to prevent unwanted recycling of polluted air.

To have a quality device, it is advisable to entrust the machining of the valves to specialists. At SMEPI, you can benefit from the know-how and professionalism of a highly qualified team.

SMEPI implements a precision industrial mechanics system

Since its creation, SMEPI has not stopped evolving and it is recognized in the field of precision industrial mechanics thanks to its know-how and seriousness. Our field of intervention extends from precision dowel, rolled threading, screws on drawing, from electroerosion to deep drilling as well as to the machining of safety and wear parts.

We play a support and advisory role and can also make prototypes. As a true single point of contact, we guarantee end-to-end control of the production chain: assembly, heat and surface treatment, control of parts. We are a service provider for sectors as varied as chemicals / petrochemicals, energy and transport.

With regard to safety parts in particular, our know-how and our expertise allow us to perform the machining of valves, bearings, valve stems or even seats with very tight tolerances, from foundry elements. , forged blanks or bars. It should be noted that the parts that come out of our factories are designed to withstand extreme mechanical or chemical stresses (corrosion, abrasion, temperature, etc.).

How to choose the manufacturer of your valves?

In cutting-edge industries such as energy, aeronautics, nuclear power, chemicals and petrochemicals or even railways, the quality and reliability of the elements that make up mechanical assemblies are the guarantors of their proper functioning on the one hand. , and the safety of facilities and people on the other hand. The valve machining work must therefore be taken care of by a specialized manufacturer, and as far as possible, by a professional who fully understands the constraints of use of the parts. He will be able to choose the most suitable material and the manufacturing techniques and any chemical or mechanical treatments to optimize the performance of the parts. Whatever type of valve you need, SMEPI's expert advisers will be at your disposal to help you design your parts according to your needs and the various requirements related to the business sector to which you belong.


Why choose SMEPI?

For the machining of large, medium and small mechanical parts and formats, SMEPI is the expert for all those with specific needs. In the extremely specialized field of precision machining, we have more than a decade of presence to our credit, and we enjoy an excellent reputation all over France. Our machining company trusts a highly qualified team and has a large stock of materials to meet your quality and speed constraints. SMEPI brings you a complete offer including the actual machining, assembly, heat and surface treatment, prototyping, the choice of materials to use ... not to mention strict control of your parts. Our manufactured products are chosen by companies with extremely diverse technological challenges including: transport, energy, nuclear, petrochemicals, chemicals, special machines ...

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