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SMEPI for turning and machining of mechanical parts

For reasons of quality, performance and safety, each mechanical element of an industrial installation must be designed according to specific standards and techniques. Moreover, there are various machining processes, including mechanical turning which makes it possible to manufacture parts of cylindrical and conical shapes and meeting these requirements. For high-tech industries looking for a specialist in this field, SMEPI presents itself as a reference provider.

What are the different mechanical turning operations?

Mechanical turning is a process that consists of designing parts for industrial use of various shapes using numerically controlled lathes.

The operations vary depending on the materials used and the surface of the part to be manufactured. In principle, there are two types of operations: exterior turning and interior turning.

  • External turning consists of removing the chips on the outside of the part using tools for dressing, trimming, etc. This type of operation thus includes facing, turning, threading, chamfering and grooving.

  • Inside turning, on the other hand, defines the boring, pointing, centering and grooving operations.


These different operations require the use of workpiece carriers (jaw chucks, expandable chucks, etc.), but each of them corresponds to a specific machine tool.

For our part, we can produce fasteners (screws, nuts, pins, studs, washers, etc.), parts machined to plan (safety and wear parts manufactured according to plans or customer specifications), and mechanical subassemblies.

In order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, we focus on the respect of Quality requirements: documentation, traceability, and quality control in the service of safety and security.

A rigorous manufacturing process

Customers who use the SMEPI service benefit from a comprehensive service. Indeed, we ensure the complete realization of the parts by resorting to a rigorous manufacturing process. Our team thus intervenes from the design phase, and for this, we provide you with the expertise of our design office.

Sometimes we do prototype manufacturing before moving on to mass production. This allows us to check that the models produced correspond perfectly to the customer's expectations, especially when it comes to parts with complex shapes. For mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies, our team takes care of the complete assembly by complying exactly with the  specifications or plans provided by customers.

As SMEPI is equipped with a fleet of state-of-the-art machines, we can perform both mechanical turning operations as well as heat and surface treatments (chrome plating, zinc plating, bichromating, sulfinization, nitriding, Dacromet, etc.).

And to limit the production time of the parts, we take care of the supply of raw materials ourselves. For this, we have a large stock made up of different materials, and if the parts must be manufactured with rarer materials, we just need to buy from our suppliers. It goes without saying that we can work on all types of grades: stainless steels, alloy steels, bronze, cupro-aluminum, Incone, Monel, Hallestoy, etc.


Our expertise

With more than ten years of experience in the field of precision machining, SMEPI has a solid reputation nationwide. We have built our success thanks to the quality of our products, which comply with the most demanding standards and adapted to the expectations of the cutting-edge industry, and that of our irreproachable customer service taking into account the specificities of each sector of activity.

Our parts are intended for sectors as varied as nuclear, chemicals, energy, transport, etc. Our ability to manufacture custom mechanical components and to organize ourselves in a structured way allows us to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

In addition, our team of professionals remains at your disposal to advise you, assist you and respond to all your requests.

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