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Machining of threaded tension rod: call on SMEPI

SMEPI is a benchmark in the design of precision mechanical parts with its many products tailored to all the requirements of high-tech industries. In this regard, the company offers custom machining of high quality threaded tension rods that meet the highest quality standards.

Threaded tension rods in industrial mechanics

Industrial machines are formed by an assembly of a thousand parts. The assembly of all these components requires the use of a host of assembly elements.

There are two main types of assembly: permanent and temporary. The first category requires the alteration and sometimes the breakage of components during disassembly (for example the rivet), while temporary assemblies are made with machine parts such as screws, bolts, nuts, keys, threaded pull rods .

The threaded rod looks like a conventional screw except that it is longer and thicker. Another special feature of this fastener is that it does not have heads or washers like those found on a screw bolt.

Frequently used in high-tech industries, including mechanical engineering, to join two materials together, a threaded rod has much the same characteristics as a screw. In addition to assembly, it allows movement to be transmitted. Thanks to its configurable lengths, the threaded rod offers a wide range of application possibilities for mechanical engineering.

The most common threaded rod designs are made of steel or aluminum since these are the most resistant to the elements. In the industrial environment, threaded rods must have an optimum tensile strength compared to that of threaded rods made of a thermoplastic such as polyamide. The diameter, the position of the threads (inside or outside) the dimension are all criteria that come into play.

SMEPI thus takes charge of the complete production of threaded tension rods according to the customer's plans or specifications.

SMEPI, professional quality  

SMPE intervenes in various sectors of activity such as nuclear, energy, transport or chemicals. The company specializes in the manufacture of all wear and safety parts as well as specific mechanical assemblies or sub-assemblies that can withstand various constraints and environments (cold, heat, abrasion, corrosion, etc.).

In terms of threaded tension rods , we can produce very high quality parts used in technical applications subject to high electrical, chemical and thermal stresses. We work with all types of grades - alloy steels, stainless steels, cupro-aluminum - and we take care of the complete production of your parts, in medium or small series.

Thanks to a controlled process, we guarantee you threaded rods corresponding in every way to all your needs and capable of supporting heavy loads.

SMEPI expertise

High-tech industries rely heavily on the performance of their machine tools to keep their business running smoothly. Each mechanical element of a structure must therefore meet high performance, reliability and safety standards, hence the interest in machining precision parts.

It is a set of techniques intended to transform a raw material into a part of the desired shapes and dimensions. This process therefore requires a precise design adapted to each industrial machine, whatever the sector of activity: aeronautics, automobile, armaments, watchmaking, electronics, etc. It is therefore strongly recommended to use an expert who has the necessary skills to carry out such work.

As part of the production of your mechanical parts, SMEPI offers a global service taking into account your specificities, from the study and design phase to the treatments required for the production of your parts in the design. We make customer satisfaction our priority. This is reflected in the field by a structured organization based on continuous improvement and compliance with Quality requirements.

SMEPI, a benchmark company in the machining of mechanical parts

In the extremely specialized field of precision machining, we have more than 10 years of success, we are renowned nationally. For the machining of all kinds of mechanical parts SMEPI is the reference to meet all specific needs. SMEPI brings you a complete service including production, heat and surface treatment, prototyping, the choice of materials to be used, assembly ... and finally, a strict verification of each part. Our achievements are suitable for companies working in very diverse sectors including: transport, nuclear, chemicals, energy, petrochemicals, special machines ... We put at your service the know-how and experience of a team of professionals and the quality of our raw materials in order to offer you the quality of the parts, the speed and the respect of the deadlines. We remain at your entire disposal to answer all your specific requests.

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