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SMEPI, specialist brake adjustment rod supplier

For reasons of quality and safety, the manufacture of brake adjustment rods must be carried out by professionals in the field. Specialized in the machining of mechanical parts dedicated to high-tech industries, SMEPI is a benchmark service provider. Indeed, it offers products and services in accordance with the standards in force and adapted to  customer requirements.

The adjusting rod in the train brake system

Rail transport is a sector that has proven itself for centuries. And even today, thousands of people choose the train as their daily means of transport.

This success stems from the fact that the railway industry has been able to adapt its offers to technological developments and various changes to better satisfy users.

Indeed, all mechanical parts and other equipment have been developed with the aim of optimizing comfort and safety while boosting performance.

In this context, the adjustment rod is one of the most important elements. In practice, this mechanical safety part maintains the distance between the brakes. Mounted with 2 adjusting nuts, it forms the base of the linkage adjuster. This device ensures recovery if the play between the wheels and the shoes deviates from the normal value. Thus, in the event of excessively long clearances, the adjuster is shortened during the first loosening. If the clearances are too short, the recovery takes place during the second braking, in this case, it lengthens.

The length of the adjuster depends on the position of the first nut on the threaded portion of the adjuster rod . The second is a feed nut which is used to return the other nut to its starting position on the rod. The mechanism of the device works in such a way that one of the nuts attaches to the rod while the other turns.

Having developed a recognized know-how in precision mechanics, we can take care of the complete realization of the wheelhouse adjuster. We can thus intervene from the design phase to the finish. Our range of services includes: studies, production of the prototype, supply of raw materials, production, assembly of nuts and adjustment rod and heat and surface treatments.

This device is in principle made of alloy steel, but we can also work with other materials according to the specifics of the customer's request.

Parts manufactured in compliance with Quality requirements

The machining of precision mechanical parts is therefore a necessity for the railway industry. The use of a specialist is strongly recommended to produce robust and efficient components and ensure that they meet the quality standards required by legislation.

It is also the best way to guarantee the comfort and safety of passengers and on-board staff. Anxious to meet customer expectations, SMEPI relies on the quality of its achievements. To do this, we use an approach involving documentation, traceability, quality control in the service of safety, and the manufacturing process. Moreover, our qualifications and the accreditations of our customers are a guarantee of our reliability and the quality of our parts (ISO 9001, EDF UTO, FRAMATOME, etc.).

In addition to the railway sector, we are also recognized as one of the most important manufacturers of spare parts in the energy sector (thermal, nuclear and hydraulic power stations) and of mechanical parts for the aeronautical sector. Among our customers, there are major contractors such as Thermodyn and Alstom.

As rolled threading, spark erosion and deep drilling are part of our field of expertise, we are able to produce fasteners (screws, pins, studs, washers, nuts, etc.) according to precise plans, parts machined to plan (wear and safety parts), and mechanical sub-assemblies in accordance with customer specifications.



In the very demanding industry of precision machining, we capitalize on more than ten years of presence so we can be proud of a solid reputation on a national scale. In the field of precision industrial mechanics, in particular in the machining of mechanical components, whatever their dimensions or shapes, SMEPI is the benchmark company able to fine-tune your components. We rely on a team of professionals and a substantial reserve of materials always available in order to meet your quality and deadline constraints. Our achievements are requested by companies from very diverse backgrounds, among others: petrochemicals, nuclear, transport, chemicals, energy, special machines, etc. SMEPI provides you with complete solutions including: choice of raw materials, study, heat and surface treatment, assembly, prototyping, machining ... not to mention a strict verification of your parts.

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