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Stock of material in accordance with the RCC-M standard: contact SMEPI

For organizations operating nuclear power plants and other facilities, it is essential to have a stock of materials that comply with the RCC-M standard. If you are looking for a specialist in this field, SMEPI offers comprehensive products and services to meet your requirements.

The RCC-M code: a strict security measure

Nuclear sites are extremely dangerous places. As a result, safety in these areas should be reinforced, starting with guaranteeing the reliability and quality of the mechanical parts and other equipment making up each structure in order to avoid possible incidents.

Likewise, it is necessary to call on the service of a specialist in the field for their manufacture with equipment that conforms to the standards in force. Set up and applied from the beginning of the 1980s, that is to say for almost four decades, the RCC-M code (Rules for the Design and Construction of Mechanical Equipment) was specifically designed for PWR sites and nuclear islands. This is a set of mandatory measures relating to the safety of operators and the environment to be implemented for the manufacture and assembly of various machines and tools used in places exposed to nuclear risks. Compliance with it is mandatory within the framework of contractual relations between client companies and suppliers of equipment for these dangerous sites.

It should also be noted that it is not always easy to choose the service provider who will take care of this extremely delicate and perilous work. Indeed, only professionals whose machining processes meet RCC-M standards are authorized to do so.

Specialist in the manufacture and supply of precision and safety mechanical parts and tools for companies in sensitive sectors such as nuclear power, SMEPI has a stock of material in accordance with the RCC-M in which all the raw materials and equipment used for the creation of the parts are carefully categorized according to their specificities. This allows us to produce in small or medium series custom mechanical elements for nuclear sites and islands.

A range of mechanical equipment meeting the needs of industrialists

Our stock of raw materials includes a whole range of mechanical materials intended for industrial applications. To this end, it includes safety, recording and construction parts dedicated to the nuclear sector. All materials are stored according to our specifications, which include the main international standards and the RCC-M code.

In addition, SMEPI also carries out RCC-M level 1, 2 and 3 quality monitoring of mechanical equipment. This approach has enabled us to appear in the list of companies renowned for the quality of their achievements and the services provided to customers.

Discover our strengths

By entrusting the machining of your safety parts to SMEPI, you benefit from multiple advantages:  

Our know-how, validated by several years of experience, allows us to produce elements subject to strong mechanical or environmental stresses (abrasion, corrosion, extreme temperatures, etc.) using various machining processes: rolled threading, deep drilling and electroerosion (cutting of parts of complex shape). And to best meet the requirements of our customers, we take care of the complete production of parts: definition of specifications, production of prototypes, material supply, production, assembly of sets or sub-assemblies, heat treatments and of surface.

In order to ensure that parts comply with the RCC-M code and the requirements of ISO 9001 standards, we subject our finished products to destructive and destructive tests such as proof load, mechanical tests, impact tests, traction or ultrasound, magnetic particle inspection and penetrant testing.

It is possible to deliver your parts by timing according to your needs, and to produce spare parts in a very short time in the event of breakdowns.

Our teams of competent technicians can start production without delay, which is essential, in particular to be able to comply with the deadlines indicated in the order form.

SMEPI is thus committed to providing you with a quality service and personalized support in order to guarantee the success of your projects. Speed, skills and professionalism are the key words that guide our team of experts.  

Focus on SMEPI offers

In the field of precision mechanics, in particular in the machining of all kinds of mechanical components, SMEPI is the essential service provider for all those who have specific needs. On the precision machining market, we have a decade of experience, we have built an enviable reputation throughout France. Our machining company employs a highly qualified team and has a large reserve of materials to meet your quality and deadline constraints. SMEPI provides you with a complete offer from the study to the heat and surface treatment, including prototyping, the selection of materials to be used, production, assembly, heat and surface treatment ... as well as a rigorous control of finished parts. Our products equip many companies belonging to different sectors including: nuclear, energy, special machines, petrochemicals, transport, chemicals, etc. We offer services covering a wide area, meeting all the needs and expectations of our customers. We remain at your entire disposal for any further information concerning our company or our offers.

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