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SMEPI's special BOLTING stud

Safety is an important factor in the field of high-tech industry and therefore it should not be neglected to avoid unpleasant surprises. SMEPI offers the special bolt BOLTING adapted to the standards in force. This specialist has been producing advanced mechanical components for many years.

The stud, a safety part subject to strong constraints

Studs are fasteners that are subject to significant loads. These elements are part of a set operating in the industrial, railway, nuclear, etc. environment. where the environment includes, for example, strong variations in temperature and pressure. The conditions of use therefore require optimum reliability, because it concerns the safety of users, sometimes very numerous.

The studs must not loosen under any circumstances, and keep their elasticity to remain effective. Their ability to withstand stresses is fundamental in order not to undergo definitive deformation or reach a point of failure. However, there are no standard studs for all uses, the zone of elasticity defines the class of the material, and it is this characteristic that must be taken into account. The studs are under high stress.

For very restrictive environments (petrochemicals, nuclear, transport, energy), it is necessary to use a special bolt BOLTING whose tightening guarantees efficiency. The design of this particular component should be left to a reliable specialist with the requisite know-how and experience. It manufactures high precision mechanical parts for high-tech industry.  

Studs that adapt perfectly to your assemblies

There are several types of studs depending on how they are fixed to the part: screwed using the threaded ends, welded, riveted, insert studs fixed to the part during molding, assembly stud used to dress kit material, or even expansion model equipped with a conical head with flexible strapping. Used in demanding sectors, their manufacture must comply with the RCC-MRx code.

Regarding the classes, they depend on the resistance of the materials. These can range from 3.6 to 12.9, and are shown on the head markings. The resistance depends on the elastic limit and the breaking limit. It is possible to machine specific studs according to needs (head, thread, fastening method, etc.), and thus obtain elements perfectly suited to the intended use. The special BOLTING model falls into this particular category, with shapes and assembly means intended to reinforce the resistance and elasticity of the parts. This expandable stud avoids in particular adjusting the bolt or the hole, and therefore ensures optimal adaptation even if inaccuracies may exist in the parts.

Special bolting studs therefore save time, as they avoid the machining of mechanical parts to be assembled which are reused. In addition, they represent the ideal solution for safe uses thanks to their precision and resistance.

SMEPI offers high-performance and efficient studs with a long service life. It perfectly masters the standards in the manufacture of high precision components. Long years of experience have enabled him to guarantee the design of custom parts, whatever the size or format. She is well aware of the importance of the security issue concerning the high-tech industry.

Custom parts at SMEPI

For companies working in the industrial environment or other environment with specific constraints, SMEPI studies and manufactures studs adapted to your conditions of use. Among our precision stud models: conical, straight, cylindrical, drilled, fitted, etc. but also special BOLTING body or coupling studs. We have equipped many large companies such as EDF, Areva, Alstom or SNCF, services which testify to our know-how in precision industrial mechanics.

Our business sectors include high-risk environments such as nuclear, energy, petrochemicals, etc. and requiring tailor-made equipment. We always make sure our customers are satisfied by getting the job done on time, but also by manufacturing wearing parts. We support you in studying your needs and drafting your specifications to put in place the best solution to design. SMEPI undertakes to deliver the product upon receipt of the order form, a phase from which you just have to wait for your project to come to fruition.


Discover the other services of SMEPI

In terms of precision machining, we have a decade of presence, we are known nationally. For the machining of all types of mechanical parts, SMEPI is the essential service provider capable of ensuring the design of your elements. SMEPI has all the key resources to support you at each stage of your project from the study phase to the heat and surface treatment, including: the selection of materials to be used, prototyping, heat and surface treatment , study, assembly, production ... without forgetting a strict verification of the worked parts. Our products are acclaimed by professionals from very diverse fields including: energy, petrochemicals, chemicals, transport, nuclear, special machines ... We rely on a highly qualified team and a large reserve of materials always available to meet your quality and speed constraints.

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