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A subcontractor in the manufacture of precision mechanical parts for EDF

SMEPI, a subcontractor manufactures precision mechanical parts on behalf of EDF . This specialist in the production of mechanical components for high-tech industry has many years of experience and can guarantee its reliability.

Precision mechanics, a sensitive field

Precision mechanics is a sector which requires specialist know-how on the one hand, and suitable equipment on the other hand, and in which the right to make mistakes does not exist. Indeed, whatever the field of activity concerned, the various equipment and machines must allow perfect accuracy of the movements in the accomplishment of the operations. A gap of a few millimeters or a few centimeters, a delay or advance of a few seconds may impair the proper functioning of the devices, or have more serious consequences, especially when it comes to drilling holes or cutting holes. materials of precise shapes, or to accurately measure the quantity of material to be injected or removed. Precision is therefore the key word to succeed in manufacturing reliable and quality mechanical parts.

The production of this type of component must be entrusted to a company which is perfectly familiar with the requirements in this field. The machining of parts must comply with the RCC-M code.

As an EDF subcontractor in precision mechanical tasks, SMEPI is a specialist with many years of experience and the technical, material and human resources required to successfully carry out complex and delicate work such as precision drilling. .

SMEPI provides its customers with qualified and regularly trained teams to manufacture reliable mechanical components that comply with current standards. SMEPI uses the best machining methods to offer high precision parts. It provides full service and has had an excellent reputation for many years.

Our qualities as an EDF subcontractor in precision mechanics

Being a subcontractor of EDF , we specialize in the manufacture of high precision and low tolerance mechanical parts for the railway and aeronautical industries or for the construction of sports vehicles. Our company designs mechanical parts such as special fasteners, nuts and special bolts according to your plans and requirements.

We have worked with many renowned companies in different sectors, especially in the food industry (overhaul of steam turbines and power plants), as well as the defense, chemical and petrochemical industries.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that meets strict quality standards as well as CNC precision CNC turning machines, with a production capacity of up to 1000 mm in diameter and 2 000 mm in length.

Our specificities:

  • Deep drilling: right through drilling that can be done from Ø4 to Ø30 over a length of 1,500 meters without turning over,

  • Rolled threading: technique consisting in deforming the material using knurling wheels and which improves the mechanical characteristics of the part.

Focus on SMEPI services

In the field of precision industrial mechanics, in particular in the machining of mechanical parts of all sizes and shapes, SMEPI is recognized as the reference manufacturer for all those with specific needs. In terms of precision machining, we have more than a decade of success, we are recognized throughout France. SMEPI provides you with complete solutions including heat and surface treatment, assembly, prototyping, machining, selection of raw materials ... as well as strict control of your parts. We put at your service the know-how and experience of a team of professionals and the quality of raw materials to offer our customers the quality of achievements. Our technicians are trained regularly to update their knowledge and master new technologies. Our achievements are chosen by companies with extremely numerous technological challenges, including: transport, special machines, nuclear power, energy, petrochemicals, chemicals, etc.

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