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Why call on a deep drilling subcontractor?

A subcontractor in deep drilling is essential on an industrial site. He has extensive experience in the field to be able to carry out drilling operations. Entrust your drilling work to SMEPI.

Precision deep drilling, a very delicate task

Deep drilling is an operation that requires not only specific know-how, but also high-performance equipment. It is all the more delicate since this operation requires extreme precision. Thus, it should not be entrusted to just anyone. It is necessary to choose a qualified company to undertake such an operation.

In some cases, a deviation, however small, is not tolerable. Precision is essential  for  carry out a drilling in the rules of the art. It should be noted that in fields such as chemistry, petrochemicals or nuclear power, but also in advanced mechanics, the slightest error during drilling risks being fatal, thus leading to injuries and the compromise of the production site.

The power of the machines, as well as the performance, reliability and robustness of the heads, are essential for this operation. The use of specialists such as a subcontractor in deep drilling is then presented as a simple and safe solution to carry out this type of work. They carry out drilling works in accordance with standards.

Note that deep drilling can be done in different ways. However, the best known technique is linear drilling in a rotating part. For this type of drilling, the use of a specific machine is necessary in order to combine the rotation of the tool and the part.

The principle of deep drilling is based on cutting speed and feed. Sometimes it requires a specific technique such as precision deep drilling. The latter consists in carrying out a long drilling without turning over and for that, it requires a particular method and specialized tools. For this purpose, the deep drilling work must be entrusted to a subcontractor.

How can a subcontractor help you in deep drilling work?

Deep drilling is a technique for drilling holes characterized by a high diameter / depth ratio. The frequently used method is to rotate the workpiece and feed the tool in a linear fashion. However, other methods exist such as the rotation of the tool or the simultaneous rotation of the part and the tool.

Whatever solution is chosen, carrying out deep drilling operations requires the skills of professionals in order to obtain quality parts. In this case, it is wise to entrust the performance of these operations to specialists who have the necessary equipment and a qualified team.

By using the services of a deep drilling subcontractor , you benefit from the know-how of qualified and competent professionals.

SMEPI, a deep drilling subcontractor, has the necessary equipment to secure a site. It has been producing high precision mechanical parts dedicated to the nuclear field for many years. It is committed to meeting the requirements of customers looking for reliable components.

SMEPI: a benchmark in deep drilling operations

Are you looking for a deep drilling subcontractor? SMEPI offers you services that meet your needs. We have a strong technical expertise and the necessary know-how to carry out deep drilling operations, one of our areas of expertise.


We have the ability to perform long, deep boreholes in a single operation in order to avoid the common coincidence problems when drilling "back-to-back". Thanks to this process, we guarantee high precision and good straightness of your parts.

Apart from deep drilling, we also master rolled threading and spark erosion. Thanks to an experienced and highly qualified team and to a unique know-how, we can meet all the requirements of major contractors in different sectors of activity (aeronautics, transport, energy, chemicals, etc.).

We can produce different types of parts while respecting the specifications, the specifications as well as the standards in force. Finally, we guarantee compliance with delivery deadlines, which can be periodic

Why choose SMEPI?

In terms of precision industrial mechanics, particularly in the machining of mechanical parts, whatever their size and format, SMEPI is the essential service provider able to ensure the design of your elements. In terms of precision machining, we have a decade of successful experience and we have a solid reputation all over France. SMEPI brings you turnkey solutions from the study to the heat and surface treatment, including prototyping, heat and surface treatment, the selection of materials to use, assembly, production, etc. than a rigorous control of finished parts. Our achievements are recommended by companies with extremely numerous technological needs, in particular: energy, special machines, nuclear power, transport, chemicals, petrochemicals, etc. We rely on a team of professionals and a complete stock of materials always available to guarantee our customers the quality of products, speed and respect of deadlines is our mission.

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