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Find the best service provider for machining RCC-M mechanical parts

The production of mechanical parts requires specific skills. It must be entrusted to a specialist such as SMEPI , especially if it concerns components designed according to the RCC-M Code. This machining service provider is essential in the manufacture of high precision mechanical components.

Why call on an RCC-M machining service provider?

The challenges of the quality and reliability of the mechanical parts making up the equipment used on nuclear sites require the use of professionals for their manufacture. But the design of the elements should not be left to just any company. You have to choose the company that will be responsible for the design of high-precision mechanical parts to be sure of having elements in accordance with existing regulations. Only those whose machining processes comply with the RCC-M code are authorized by law to proceed with their manufacture.

The RCC-M code, applicable since 1981 and constantly updated according to technological innovations. It defines all the health and environmental safety standards that must be respected in the design, manufacture and control of the production process and the control of finished products of parts intended for environments exposed to nuclear power. The choice of the RCC-M machining service provider is therefore essential.

Working for the nuclear sector for many years, SMEPI is recognized as one of the major references in the manufacture of security parts subject to the most severe constraints. It has the know-how in machining RCC-M mechanical parts.

The obligations of the RCC-M machining service provider

According to the regulations in force, the RCC-M machining service provider must comply with precise specifications concerning the quality of the materials used for the manufacture of the parts insofar as they are nuclear safety equipment. Manufacturing must also follow a predetermined operating mode in order to guarantee the quality and traceability of the finished products.

Any welding and deformation of materials must therefore comply with technical standards in order to ensure their resistance. In addition, various chemical treatments will be carried out to optimize the life of the parts, knowing that they will be subjected to extreme conditions of use. Finally, quality control methods must also be carefully monitored to ensure that machined parts are fully reliable.

The service provider in terms of machining must also have highly qualified teams (engineers and technicians), who regularly undergo training in order to update their knowledge; thus they will be able to properly exploit the new technologies applied to the civil nuclear sector.

A specialist in the design of parts complying with the RCC-M Code is essential in demanding sectors such as nuclear, aeronautics and the automotive industry. You can therefore trust SMEPI; it is able to supply you with quality parts that comply with the standards in force. This service provider is certified and therefore experienced in the machining of high precision mechanical components, regardless of the desired size and shape.


SMEPI, for compliance with RCC-M standards

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experts, SMEPI has all the necessary resources to adapt to customer expectations and produce all kinds of parts in strict compliance with the standards in force.

Moreover, we control the entire production process, which allows us to integrate the entire subcontracting chain, from design to processing. In addition to this, our large stock of raw materials gives us the opportunity to immediately start production after signing the order form.

It also happens that our customers entrust us with urgent requests for different reasons: broken or worn parts, breakdowns, etc. Thanks to our flexible structure, we are able to respond quickly to them within the agreed deadlines.

As an RCC-M machining service provider , SMEPI can produce parts of equipment intended for the civil nuclear sector, but also other demanding sectors such as energy, petrochemicals, chemicals and transport. .

Present for ten years in this field, we collaborate closely with many multinationals like the French giant AREVA in the nuclear field.

Our offer

In terms of precision industrial mechanics, particularly in the machining of your mechanical components, SMEPI is the expert able to ensure the design of your elements. In precision machining, we capitalize on more than ten years of experience and enjoy an excellent reputation nationwide. We provide you with the know-how and experience of a multidisciplinary team and the quality of our materials to assure our customers of the quality of the products. Our products are acclaimed by companies with very many technological needs, in particular: special machines, petrochemicals, energy, chemicals, nuclear power, transport ... SMEPI provides you with a complete offer including: assembly, heat treatment and surface, production, prototyping, study, selection of raw materials ... not to mention a rigorous verification of finished parts.

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