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Manufacturing of mechanical seals by a specialist

Mechanical seals have a critical function: ensuring the dynamic sealing of a rotating shaft with the enclosure of the equipment it passes through. It is an essential component on many rotating machines such as pumps, agitators or compressors. SMEPI puts at your service its know-how and its top-of-the-range equipment for the manufacture of high-performance and robust seals.

What are mechanical seals?

Mechanical seals generally refer to elements that allow a mechanical assembly to function properly. These are generally devices used to ensure or optimize the seal in a mechanical assembly formed of a rotating shaft and a stationary cylinder.

They serve as a seal in vacuum pump systems, water pumps or heat pumps, turbines or compressors. Their application extends to numerous industries, in particular that of chemicals, petrochemicals, petroleum, paper and in high-tech industries such as aeronautics, the railway industry or the nuclear industry.

To put it simply, the mechanical seal maintains a fluid inside a container (mixers, pumps, etc.) in which a rotating shaft passes through a fixed housing or, sometimes, in which the housing rotates around. of the tree.

Unlike the stuffing box, which also establishes this seal, the mechanical seal withstands friction with the rotating shaft remarkably well without causing a groove that could damage it.

The fixed element of the seal is installed on the pump housing using a static sealing device, such as an o-ring or conical seal clamped between the fixed element and the housing. The rotating part, on the other hand, is sealed to the shaft using an O-ring.

To prevent leakage, a thin film of fluid should keep the two faces of the seal separate from each other to allow a sufficient amount of lubricant to flow between the faces of the seal.

They are designed in materials chosen especially for the type of application for which they are intended. Their manufacture requires perfect knowledge and mastery of the constraints (chemical, mechanical, environmental) of the environments in which the seals will be used.

Why choose your toppings?

These elements guarantee the tightness of the devices on which the gaskets will be installed, and they also ensure the correct functioning of the systems, without forgetting the safety of the operators and the mechanical assemblies which carry them. A poor quality or defective packing can cause a serious accident and mechanical problem that can damage the entire machine.

Therefore, for technical and safety reasons, it is more than recommended that you get supplies from a specialist or a manufacturer. You benefit from quality parts and valuable advice to help you choose your garnishes. In addition, a manufacturer can design custom parts according to your specific needs.

SMEPI, manufacturer of mechanical wear and safety parts

For more than fifteen years, SMEPI has designed and manufactured all kinds of mechanical parts, including seals for delicate industries. We are specialized in the creation of safety parts and wear parts for companies working in nuclear, energy, chemicals and petrochemicals.

We also supply and manufacture parts for special machines, railway and aeronautical transport equipment, as well as sports vehicles. Our field of intervention also extends to the cement, agrifood and armaments sectors.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we respect the quality and safety standards applicable to each area for which the parts are intended. Thanks to our know-how, we have been able to gain the trust of large groups and companies such as EDF, SNCF, Areva, Rhodia and Alstom.

Our services

In the field of precision machining, we capitalize on more than ten years of presence thus, we enjoy an excellent reputation nationwide. For the machining of mechanical parts of all sizes and shapes, SMEPI is the essential service provider capable of ensuring the development of your elements. Our machined products are requested by companies with extremely varied technological challenges, in particular: transport, chemistry, energy, special machines, nuclear power, petrochemicals ... SMEPI has all the essential resources to support you at every stage of the process. your project including: selection of materials to use, study, heat and surface treatment, assembly, prototyping, machining ... and finally, a strict verification of your parts. We rely on a competent and experienced team and a substantial reserve of materials always available to ensure our customers the quality of the achievements.

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