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Precision deep drilling with a specialist

Requiring specific tools and know-how, precision deep drilling is a common process in the mechanical industry. This machining technique is used with very specific applications in sectors with very high added value, such as civil nuclear power and aeronautics. A French company on a human scale, SMEPI uses deep drilling to design your precision mechanical parts. Discover our range of expertise.

Specialized machining technique for complex parts

Precision deep drilling is the machining of high value-added parts intended for high-tech industries. This method involves drilling a long hole with a precise diameter in a mechanical part. This type of drilling is very common in aeronautics, especially in the design of landing gear, valves and other components of the reactor. Note that to carry out this operation, it is important to master several techniques, to mention only that of axial or eccentric holes and drilling on rotating parts.

In some cases, drilling works require complex shapes that require high mechanical characteristics. Indeed, some metal alloys such as hardened steels can only be drilled by spark erosion.

This technique is very difficult to perform because it requires extreme precision to improve the metal's resistance to corrosion and wear. At the same time, it also instantly perfects the surface finish of the parts. Therefore, it is important to entrust these tasks to professionals.

Carrying out precision deep drilling involves taking the workpiece-tool-machine triptych into consideration. Indeed, a deep drilling process is efficient only if it is in perfect harmony with the mechanical characteristics of the material and the tools. On this last point, new technological solutions - BTA-STS (Single Tube System) and DTS (Double Tube System) - now make it possible to produce deep holes with good machining quality, that is to say good straightness and good surface finish of the bore, and good productivity. However, the experience and technical know-how of a specialist such as SMEPI remain essential to successfully complete the operation. An expert in deep drilling is able to guarantee optimal machining quality by managing problems of chattering, form errors or even vibrations during drilling. Likewise, its intervention ensures that the drilling complies with the dimensional standards established in the specifications.

Why call on drilling professionals?

Precision deep drilling is a delicate operation. Whatever the material to be drilled, it is essential to be equipped with suitable machines and drilling heads. Indeed, these are two main elements that allow this type of work to be successful.

In addition, a high level of precision must be guaranteed, since in some cases a deviation of a few centimeters or a few millimeters can damage the parts or lead the machine to drill next to it, which is likely to cause more or less accidents. less serious.

Given the quality and performance issues of precision drilling machines and tools, it is recommended to buy them from a specialist. The latter can advise you on the type of equipment suitable for the work you are going to perform. By contacting a manufacturer, they can offer you the custom design and manufacture of the tools you need.

Which method to choose?

Deep drilling can be done in different ways. The best-known solution is to rotate the part by inserting the bit in a linear fashion. The ideal would be to make it rotate or better yet, to combine the rotation of the part and the tool.

Whichever method you choose, the basic principles of deep drilling remain the same; the choice of cutting speed and feed is crucial. Precision deep drilling meets this requirement. Precision deep drilling consists in carrying out deep drilling of great lengths in a single operation without overturning. This avoids the coincidence problems encountered during conventional drilling. When it comes to precision deep drilling, parts gain in straightness and precision.

SMEPI: for precision deep drilling

With our 10 years of experience, we have recognized know-how in the field of precision industrial mechanics. Precision deep drilling is indeed one of the areas in which we excel.

With each order, we are committed to taking charge of all operations in order to meet your needs while respecting the delivery time and the specifications of the parts to be delivered.

We offer you a complete and personalized service. We support you from the very definition of the specifications. Our technicians will control your parts throughout the production process and before final delivery.

We provide you with our design office for the design of your parts, the assembly of sets or sub-assemblies, the production of prototypes and heat and surface treatments if necessary. Even more, to better satisfy you, we are able to provide you with spare parts, without delay, for your end-of-life parts.

If renowned companies like Areva, EDF, Rhodia have called on us, it is not the result of chance, but for the quality of our services and that of our achievements, especially since our company is ISO certified. 9001.

Why choose SMEPI?

For the machining of mechanical components, whatever their dimensions and shapes, SMEPI is the specialist if you have specific needs. In everything that has to do with precision machining, we are capitalizing on ten years of presence and we enjoy an excellent reputation throughout France. Our products are intended for professionals with extremely varied technological challenges, among others: chemistry, nuclear power, special machines, petrochemicals, transport, energy, etc. SMEPI has all the essential resources to support you throughout your project from the study phase to heat and surface treatment, including: heat and surface treatment, production, study, prototyping , the assembly, the choice of materials to use ... and finally, a rigorous verification of your parts. Our machining company uses a highly qualified team and has a large stock of raw materials to meet your quality and time constraints.

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