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SMEPI, expert in manufacturing custom flanges

In order to ensure compliance with technical standards and quality requirements in this area, the use of a specialist is essential for the manufacture of custom flanges . These mechanical parts have a critical function in the various branches of industry and must guarantee optimum performance. Update with SMEPI , manufacturer of high precision mechanical components.

Made-to-measure flange manufacturing: important economic and safety issues

Mechanical flanges are parts intended to securely connect piping elements. Round or rectangular, they have holes to accommodate a greater or lesser number of bolts as required. Depending on the project, they must generally be created to adapt to the specific needs of manufacturers. Indeed, machining parts are rarely produced in series or standard.

Custom flanges find a host of applications in industrial settings and production sites. Indispensable to the tightness of a pipe connection, they are an essential link in the distribution and transport of liquids, fluids or gases in the oil, food, chemical and even nuclear industries. Like other mechanical parts, it is important to choose the connection flange that really meets your needs and to avoid additional costs. Thus, blank flanges will be more suitable for sealing the end of a pipe system or pressure tank, while lap flanges offer more convenience in the event that frequent disassembly is required. Using an experienced manufacturer will allow you to know the specifics of each type of flange and to refine your choice.  

The choice of a service provider for the manufacture of custom flanges takes into account many criteria to guarantee the reliability of the installations. It should not be forgotten that the slightest inaccuracy or even the use of poor quality materials leads to particularly serious accidents. The economic impacts are considerable as are the real risks concerning the safety of people on the site.

To choose your service provider, you will therefore have to call on reference manufacturers who are able to provide you with all the necessary quality guarantees. Reference customers, certifications, years of experience, the equipment used, the production processes implemented or the post-production quality control system are all parameters to be taken into account. Of course, you will also have to analyze the proposed prices to optimize costs, but above all, it will be essential to ensure the delivery times of the parts ordered so as not to delay construction sites.

SMEPI, manufacturer of custom flanges certified ISO-9001

SMEPI has been supporting manufacturers for more than 15 years in the production of the most complex precision mechanical parts. With recognized expertise, we count among our reference customers large companies extremely demanding in terms of quality such as Alstom, EDF, SNCF or Areva in the transport, chemical and even transport sectors. energy, and in particular the nuclear sector.

All our elements are designed in strict compliance with standards and customer specifications. We thus guarantee the optimal quality of our products, which also benefit from the international ISO-9001 certification. For this, we organize a control of parts through mechanical tests, but also non-destructive checks such as the use of ultrasound or magnetic particle inspection.

Thanks to a controlled production process, we are able to launch the manufacture of custom flanges as soon as possible. In addition, we offer a global service in our own design office; it will help you to optimize the design of your parts, the complete realization of these from production to the finishing treatment to be applied, including quality control. Finally, be aware that SMEPI has a substantial stock of raw materials to further optimize production times.

More than a simple parts manufacturer, we are a real partner in your success since we indeed offer to deliver your parts by timing, according to your needs. Likewise, we can help you out as quickly as possible by designing a spare part if it is at the end of its life.

If you have any questions about our activities, we advise you to contact us by phone or email. We will respond as soon as possible. You can also go directly to our head office.


Our services

In terms of precision machining, we capitalize on ten years of presence, we have managed to build a solid reputation on a national scale. In terms of precision industrial mechanics, particularly in the machining of mechanical parts, whatever their dimensions or shapes, SMEPI is recognized as the number one subcontractor able to fine-tune your components. Our machining company trusts a competent and experienced team and has a substantial stock of materials in order to guarantee product quality, speed and respect for deadlines. SMEPI provides you with turnkey solutions from study to heat and surface treatment, including assembly, selection of raw materials, heat and surface treatment, prototyping, production ... as well as '' strict control of your parts. Our achievements are recommended by professionals from very diverse fields including: special machines, nuclear, transport, chemicals, petrochemicals, energy ...

SMEPI takes care of the complete production of your parts, in medium or small series. Contact us.

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