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Turning of mechanical aluminum parts: why call on a specialized company?

The turning of aluminum parts is a complex process requiring the technical know-how of a professional. Company specializing in precision industrial mechanics, SMEPI ensures the manufacture of your bar turning and mechanical parts according to plans. Discover our range of expertise.

What does the work of a specialist in turning aluminum parts consist of?

For small and medium series production, entrust your bar turning work to professionals. These are very delicate operations and they require great precision, especially if the parts are intended for use in critical conditions.

They also require a good knowledge of the chemical and mechanical properties of the metals to be worked and of the adapted machining methods. Only experts have the necessary skills in this area.

Bar turning is part of the machining processes for mechanical parts, connecting and fixing elements as well as mechanical sub-assemblies. It makes it possible to produce turned mechanical parts and transform a raw product into a final product. Bar turning works on the principle of material removal, which consists in obtaining the final shape of the part by tearing off material (formation of chips). As part of the bar turning of a mechanical part, it will be necessary to proceed upstream with the roughing - dressing, turning, threading - before starting the intermediate stages - milling, knurling, drilling. The finish and surface treatments complete the operation and improve the appearance (shine, texture, color), or the physical properties of the part. Whether it is the type of bar turning - traditional, with mechanical lathes or numerically controlled - it is essential to entrust it to a specialist such as SMEPI.

Therefore, using the service of an aluminum bar turning company is essential for the creation of aluminum parts. This specialist puts specialized technicians at your service; they will be able to offer you solutions adapted to your needs. To choose them, we recommend that you base yourself on the quality of their services and years of experience in the field.

The machines used by a specialist in aluminum bar turning

Aluminum bar turning companies use automated and multi-technological lathes with high precision and capable of producing small, medium or large series parts. Some bar turning machines are even suitable for milling or drilling as well as complete machining of the part.

On the latest numerically controlled models, the cams are absent. All the work is done by axes controlled by motors obeying a program developed on a computer, then introduced into that of the machine. This process allows a considerable saving of time as well as the production in small quantity. SMEPI is a recognized and experienced aluminum bar turning company.

With SMEPI, take full advantage of precision technology

Justifying a solid expertise in the precision mechanics sector, SMEPI is specialized in the bar turning of different materials such as copper-aluminum, stainless steel, brass… We have a state-of-the-art machine park. technology, which allows us to meet the most specific demands of our customers. In addition, to adapt to constant technological developments, our equipment is frequently renewed, while training programs are regularly organized to enable our employees to strengthen their skills base.

If you are looking for an aluminum bar turning company , SMEPI offers high quality services, meeting the ISO 9001 standard. Our control service is uncompromising on the respect of the specifications, the specifications specified by the customer and on compliance with the standards in force. We also pay particular attention to respecting delivery deadlines.

From the signing of the purchase order, we take care of everything, right up to shipping. This is to guarantee you a single point of contact. According to your requests and your needs, we can carry out periodic or timed deliveries, and this, to allow a good management of your stocks. In short, our aluminum bar turning company makes every effort to satisfy our customers.


Focus on SMEPI

In the field of precision industrial mechanics, in particular in the machining of large, medium and small mechanical parts and shapes, SMEPI stands out as the number one subcontractor able to ensure the design of your elements. On the precision machining market, we have more than a decade of success to our credit, we have succeeded in building an enviable reputation throughout France. We rely on a team of professionals and a substantial reserve of materials always available in order to guarantee the quality of the achievements, the speed and the respect of the deadlines. Our machined components are recommended by companies working in a wide variety of sectors including: petrochemicals, energy, special machines, nuclear power, chemicals, transport ... SMEPI has all the essential resources to assist you in each case. stage of your project including production, assembly, prototyping, selection of materials to be used, heat and surface treatment ... as well as a strict verification of your parts.

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