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Performance tests of screws using the spark erosion technique

The electro-erosion of screws makes it possible to carry out performance and resistance tests. In fact, this process mainly consists in subjecting a certain electric shock to the mechanical parts to determine if they are usable or not. Only screw machining professionals like SMEPI are able to perform such a task.

Why confide in a professional?

The machining of various industrial parts is a complicated operation requiring the intervention of a specialist. To do this, a professional like SMEPI offers various services relating to electro-erosion screw testing . Indeed, this type of operation requires know-how and proven expertise in order to guarantee the reliability of the elements. After having followed the tests, the accessories can be delivered and used, whatever the field, be it industry or nuclear.

If the fasteners do not follow strict pre-market control, they could show imperfections. At the same time, these parts could be the source of technical and material failure leading to the rapid deterioration of the industrial tools used. This is why the intervention of a machining professional to carry out resistance tests should not be neglected.   

Fixing screws: function and field of use

Screws are essential assembly elements in many sectors such as mechanics, energy, nuclear, chemicals and petrochemicals. They are small parts designed to assemble one or more elements by meeting or by pressure. They can also serve as a stop, guide or even position adjustment of the parts.

In addition to being used to secure objects or parts together, they are also used to secure infrastructure.

In the course of their use, the screws will be subjected to harsh conditions (pressure, heat, traction, thrusts, chemical attacks, etc.). As a result, they must be designed not only according to the type of elements to be assembled, but also according to the constraints and the use made of them.

SMEPI manufactures screws by electro-erosion and performs the tests required to ensure their robustness and their compliance with the quality and safety requirements of the environments for which they are intended. With our experience in this field, we only produce parts that meet exactly the needs of our customers.

SMEPI, your manufacturer of precision mechanical parts

SMEPI has evolved for more than 10 years in the manufacture of safety and wear parts. Our solutions perfectly meet the demands of customers working mainly on heavy industrial machines.

We operate in a wide variety of fields such as nuclear, aerospace, aeronautics, medical, electronics, watchmaking, construction, household appliances, etc. All the parts we produce have various purposes.

Zoom on SMEPI

In terms of precision mechanics, particularly in the machining of your mechanical parts, SMEPI is the subcontractor to whom you should contact. In the very specialized field of precision machining, we are capitalizing on ten years of presence so we can be proud of an excellent reputation on a national scale. Our achievements endow a large number of firms working in very diverse industrial branches including: transport, petrochemicals, nuclear, special machines, energy, chemicals, etc. Our machining company involves a team of professionals and has a large reserve of raw materials to meet your quality and time constraints. SMEPI provides you with turnkey services including: assembly, choice of materials to be used, study, production, prototyping, heat and surface treatment ... not to mention a rigorous verification of finished parts.

From the preliminary study to the assembly of the parts, our services cover all the stages of your project. Our stock of raw materials is constantly renewed, which reduces the manufacturing time of your parts.

Our manufacturing techniques are at the cutting edge of technology. We specialize in particular in rolled threading, deep drilling, but also electro-erosion for the manufacture of mechanical parts, such as screws which will also undergo a series of rigorous tests before being delivered.

Once they have passed the various checks, screws and other parts made using this method will be suitable for a wide variety of uses. This process also offers the advantage of being able to work on very hard materials, avoiding the risk of cracking or deformation of the parts during manufacture. It also offers total freedom for the design and the aesthetic side of the room, whatever its complexity.

Orders can thus be made to measure, in accordance with the directives contained in the customer's plans and specifications. Screws and other parts manufactured by electro-erosion benefit from a particularly detailed finish, offering an almost perfect rendering of the surface of the object.

We can also make prototypes for you as well as orders in small, medium or large series according to your needs.

Finally, we have a quality management unit, in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, which allows us to constantly improve our manufacturing techniques.

SMEPI provides you with all its know-how as well as the tools necessary for the feasibility and success of your project.

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