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SMEPI performs bar turning of titanium components

SMEPI has been working with titanium and compact components for over a decade. In other words, this company is an expert in the design of parts made of resistant metals and alloys. If you have needs for small and medium sized mechanical components, SMEPI can help. We perform titanium bar turning following the standards and restrictions of professionals.

Machining of titanium parts

Titanium is among the hardest materials that exist in the world and is also included in the category of the most difficult to work metals. However, it is also one of the most widely used in precision and high-tech industries, because it is appreciated for its technical and chemical characteristics. Particularly robust, stainless and with a very long lifespan, titanium is used in watchmaking, aeronautics, automobiles, but also in the nuclear and energy sectors.

Given the challenges of the quality and performance of mechanical parts made of this metal, the bar turning of titanium parts is a delicate operation which will require not only specific know-how and a good knowledge of the particularities of this metal, but also suitable machines. For this purpose, recourse to a company which has the technical and material resources to carry out the work in accordance with the rules of the art is essential.

The titanium turning technique

The conditions for success for turning titanium parts are more limited compared to most other materials. The whole operation requires careful checks and measurements.

To work the rod with precision while limiting as much as possible the lost chips, we use automatic lathes called bar turning machines. These machines quickly produce small, but very precise elements. The titanium introduced into the machining zone is shaped by a series of cutting tools which, depending on their number, shape and arrangement, will make it possible to obtain more or less complex parts, of various sizes and of varying precision.

Highly prized for their resistance, their lightness or their biocompatibility, the parts obtained by turning titanium parts find their applications in classic industry sectors such as watchmaking, building or automotive, but also in the activities of advanced such as nuclear, aerospace or armaments. The requirement of these uses requires that the machined parts be of exceptional quality and that they be produced in large series.

The bar turning of titanium parts by SMEPI

At SMEPI , the machining of parts by bar turning of titanium parts is carried out with customer satisfaction as a guideline through strict compliance with specifications. Our professionalism and our experience allow us to offer you the most precise and resistant parts for a better efficiency, in extreme conditions. We produce all kinds of mechanical parts for thermal power plants as well as for the nuclear, transport and petrochemical industries. Our means of production, at the cutting edge of innovation, combined with our know-how have guided our success over the years.

We guarantee high productivity thanks to the integration of the entire production chain, which at the same time allows full control of the product quality. In particular, we carry out metal bar turning in order to produce titanium parts for the most demanding firms. Our technical skills and our rigor have enabled us to be certified under the ISO 9001 standard in terms of industrial mechanics.


For the machining of all kinds of mechanical parts SMEPI is recognized as the reference company if you have specific needs. In the precision machining sector, we have more than a decade of success, we are known all over France. We rely on a highly qualified team and a complete stock of raw materials always available to assure our customers the quality of the achievements, speed and respect of deadlines is our imperative. Our machined products provide many firms belonging to various sectors in particular: energy, special machines, nuclear, chemicals, transport, petrochemicals ... In order to meet your specific needs, SMEPI offers you complete support from study to heat and surface treatment, including: production, prototyping, choice of raw materials, assembly, study, heat and surface treatment ... without forgetting a severe check finished parts.


SMEPI, an automated industry

Titanium bar turning requires technical skills, but above all specific high-performance machines. At the moment, SMEPI is well equipped to carry out this kind of mission. We have state-of-the-art machines, namely latest generation bar turning machines. Unlike conventional mechanical machines, bar turning machines have low downtime, are very precise and can produce parts of 0.5 mm in diameter. They are almost as thin as ten strands of hair put together. In addition, bar turning machines work automatically, which is why they are also called automatic lathes.

Thus, human intervention remains less during bar turning operations. Our experts deal only with processing the information and the machines manufacture the parts independently. In short, the use of a bar turning machine literally reduces manufacturing errors and this allows us to gain working speed and productivity.

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