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Contact SMEPI for rocker arm ball joint turning

For the machining of precision mechanical elements that meet quality and safety standards, a qualified and experienced manufacturer should be used. In this sense, SMEPI is a partner of choice in rocker arm ball joint turning and the manufacture of various made-to-measure parts dedicated to high-tech industry.

Bar turning, a machining process for precision parts

The manufacture of precision mechanical parts is a delicate field which requires excellent knowledge of the technical and chemical peculiarities of metals and alloys used to create elements on the one hand, but also a perfect mastery of the various machining methods. Compliance with standards is also essential as well as a fleet of high-performance machines and devices at the cutting edge of technology.

Indeed, the sectors in which the pieces created will be used require perfection in terms of form and quality, but also in terms of performance and longevity. Therefore, the turning of the rocker arm ball joint can only be entrusted to a specialized company. Playing the role of valve support and installed inside an internal combustion engine, this equipment is subjected to high temperatures, various mechanical stresses and very high pressure.

To adapt to these different conditions, it must be optimally designed having the necessary technical characteristics to be able to fulfill its function correctly.

Likewise, efficiency and robustness are essential for the proper functioning of the entire installation. The use of a machining expert is essential for the custom manufacture of this mechanical part.

How is bar turning done?

Bar turning is a manufacturing process in which the machining of turned parts of revolution such as screws or bolts is carried out by removing material from metal bars or metal wire in a torch using a cutting tool. This technique consists of introducing the raw material into the machining material which is shaped by a series of these cutting tools. The size, complexity and precision of the parts obtained depend on the number, shape and arrangement of these cutting tools.

Traditional automatic lathes operate using cam systems, while more modern machines are digitally controlled, which adds to the precision of the result. As for cutting tools, they are usually made of carbide or high speed steel, and are constantly lubricated and cooled by spraying with cutting oil.

If you want to acquire bar turning parts such as a rocker arm ball joint , you must call in specialists who have perfect knowledge of this process. At SMEPI, you can benefit from our know-how and our experience in bar turning to have high quality parts.

High precision mechanical parts with SMEPI

Since its creation, SMEPI has been one of the leaders in precision industrial mechanics thanks to the know-how and professionalism of its team. Thanks to our expertise, we can intervene in different sectors of activity such as nuclear, transport or energy. In addition, we have been able to collaborate with renowned clients such as Rhodia, SNCF, Dresser-Rand or EDF.

In addition, we are able to provide you with quality parts in accordance with the standards in force. By using our services, you save time, since you no longer need to call on other service providers, while being assured of quality work. For your complete satisfaction, thanks to our stock of raw materials, we can supply your parts as soon as possible.

During the several years of existence, we have been able to produce various manufactures such as bar turning parts such as rocker arm ball joints, axles for railways, tapered thread studs, screws for nuclear power, water boxes as well as various wear and safety parts.

Discover our other services

In the very demanding field of precision machining, we are capitalizing on more than ten years of success, we have been able to forge an enviable reputation throughout France. For the machining of all types of mechanical parts SMEPI is the essential service provider for all those who have specific needs. SMEPI brings you a complete service including:

  • The analysis phase and the development of the project.

  • Prototyping or the production of unit models necessary in particular for the creation of parts with complex shapes.

  • Large, medium and small series production.

  • The assembly of parts according to specifications and plans provided by customers.

  • Heat treatment: zinc plating, bichromating, chrome plating, nitriding, sulfinizing, nickel plating, Dacromet®, etc.

  • The choice of materials to use.

  • The supply via our stock of raw materials to ensure the continuity of production and the respect of the deadline of the works.

  • Monitoring and control of each part.


We rely on a highly qualified team and a substantial reserve of raw materials always available in order to ensure the quality of the parts, speed and respect of deadlines. Our products are acclaimed by many companies from extremely varied industrial branches in particular: transport, chemicals, special machines, energy, petrochemicals, nuclear ...

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