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Turning of mechanical parts meeting RCC-M standards

Mechanical bar turning according to the RCC-M code is a complex operation that only a professional is able to master. The RCC-M standard applies throughout France in order to control the manufacturing quality of mechanical components. SMEPI is no exception to this rule, and it is an expert in machining resistant screws, axles, bolts and nuts.  


The advantages of using an expert in parts machining according to RCC-M

The conditions to which parts manufactured by bar turning conforming to the RCC-M will be exposed during their lifetime require the manufacturer to have excellent control of the constraints relating to safety on nuclear sites. In fact, given the risks existing on sites and islets exposed to radioactivity, it is  more than essential to pay particular attention to the quality and technical characteristics of all the components of the machines and devices that will be used there, both for the safety of the operators present on site, as well as for that of the surrounding environment sites.

In addition, a specialist in the field will have the technical and material resources to proceed with the custom manufacture of the parts. He will be able to take charge of the creation, from the definition of the needs according to the requirements and technical constraints of the future use until the actual manufacture of the element.  

Turning of machined parts according to the RCC-M regulation

Bar turning according to the RCC-M regulation is a manufacturing process for machining parts of small dimensions and high precision. Thus, it is used to make screws, pins and bolts from standard materials (stainless steels, alloy steels, cupro-aluminum, bronze ...) and rare and difficult materials (superalloys, Titanium, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy).

Having chosen to integrate all production chains, we are able to guarantee the quality of our achievements and strict compliance with your specifications and standards. In addition to this, we make sure that your order is delivered on time, as we take care of the raw material procurement ourselves.

All the machined parts are subjected to destructive tests (mechanical tests, impact test, proof load, etc.) and non-destructive (ultrasound, magnetic particle testing, etc.) to ensure high resistance to mechanical and environmental stresses: corrosion, abrasion , cold, heat, etc.


In everything related to precision machining, we have more than ten years of successful experience, so we can be proud of an excellent reputation throughout France. For the machining of mechanical parts of all sizes and shapes, SMEPI stands out as the reference company capable of ensuring the development of your elements. Our machined products are chosen by professionals from a wide variety of fields including: transport, nuclear, chemicals, petrochemicals, energy, special machines ... In order to meet your exact requirements, SMEPI provides you with support. complete from the study to the heat and surface treatment including: prototyping, assembly, machining, choice of materials to use, study, heat and surface treatment ... not to mention a rigorous control of finished parts. Our machining company trusts a team of professionals and has a large reserve of materials to meet your quality and time constraints.

Discover our specific know-how

With a long successful experience in our field, for 15 years we have not stopped offering our customers quality products. Parts from our factory are even ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Offering a comprehensive service, we can study the best way to design the part you order. We also make prototypes before the switch to industrialization.

Bar turning according to the RCC-M code is only one part of our activity. In order to best meet the requirements of our customers, we have developed specific expertise in rolled threading, deep drilling in a single operation (without turning over), and in electroerosion. Thanks to the skills of our team and the performance of our machine tools, we are able to cut parts with complex shapes, which offer high mechanical resistance.

We also ensure an irreproachable quality of finish and surface rendering, whatever the type of treatment recommended (zinc plating, chrome plating, sulfinization, nitriding, etc.).

Whatever your needs, we'll make sure your deadlines are met. In addition to this, we guarantee the availability of the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of your parts. For any additional information, please contact us.


Our offer

In the precision machining sector, we have more than 10 years of experience to our credit, we enjoy a solid reputation nationwide. In terms of precision industrial mechanics, in particular in the machining of mechanical parts of all sizes and formats, SMEPI is the specialist able to develop your components. We rely on a highly qualified team and a substantial reserve of materials always available in order to guarantee you the quality of the parts, the speed and the respect of the deadlines. SMEPI has all the key resources to assist you through all the stages of your project from the study to the heat and surface treatment, including the heat and surface treatment, assembly, machining, selection raw materials, prototyping ... and finally, strict control of each part. Our products are used by a large number of firms belonging to multiple fields, to name only: energy, special machines, transport, petrochemicals, chemicals, nuclear ...

SMEPI, security at all costs

The RCC-M code relating to mechanical bar turning regulates all finished products when they leave the factory. It is a strict principle that emphasizes quality and safety. That said, if you want to acquire products of a sure value, opt for a company governed by the  RCC-M code, like SMEPI . Order from our company for the mechanical turning of industrial parts and accessories. Our company respects the RCC-M standard and is able to work from A to Z on single part models. Our industry is teeming with specialists who supply quality parts throughout the country. In addition, our experience of more than a decade proves our expertise and know-how. We are currently active in several sectors including aeronautics, railways and nuclear. The pieces signed SMEPI therefore contribute to the advancement of the entire country.

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