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High precision bar turning by SMEPI

The bar turning of mechanical parts machining in small and medium series is a complex process which requires specific machinery. Only professionals in the field have them. SMEPI is one of them while also justifying several years of experience to its credit.

What does bar turning consist of?

Small and medium series bar turning is a machining process used for the manufacture of complex mechanical parts. This technique requires both specific know-how and suitable machines.

This is the generally preferred method for machining precision parts, consisting in gradually removing material from a bar or a metal wire, and is an alternative to conventional methods of machining particularly resistant and difficult metals and alloys.

In addition, bar turning offers great precision while saving material. Today, the machines used in this process offer precision to the millimeter and are computer controlled, which considerably reduces the risk of error.

However, to ensure the quality, performance and longevity of your parts, it is recommended that you contact only a reputable and reliable company.

Opt for SMEPI to obtain quality mechanical parts

A company specializing in precision mechanics, SMEPI offers its know-how and experience to manufacture complex parts from the bar turning technique.

Our precision bar turning parts are intended for sectors as varied as energy (nuclear industries, etc.), transport or the chemical industry.

We master both traditional and modern machining techniques and technologies. We specialize in deep drilling, rolled threading, and spark erosion.

Other methods are also used such as bar turning used to machine small and medium series revolution parts. These modern manufacturing techniques make it possible to create parts of better quality, more robust and with fewer imperfections.

Subjected to appropriate treatments (chrome plating, nickel plating, etc.) depending on their destination, as well as rigorous tests, our parts are fitted to the machines of many French companies, such as SNCF or EDF.

The services that we make available to our customers cover the entire part manufacturing process, from the creation of prototypes to delivery, to their assembly.

Thanks to our large stock of raw materials, our manufacturing times are shortened. At the customer's request, we can provide periodic or timed deliveries.

The essential parts for bar turning in small and medium series

A subsidiary of the SMEPI group, the MILECENT company specializes in the manufacture of mechanical parts of small and medium series by bar turning . This technique is particularly suitable for the manufacture of parts of revolution, such as screws or ball joints. With a diameter between 5 and 250 mm, our bar turning parts are suitable for all kinds of machines and equipment, especially in the field of the nuclear industry. Indeed, with a perfect finish and adequate treatment, these parts can withstand significant stresses such as corrosion or extreme temperatures.

In short, to obtain quality parts for bar turning, it is important to choose the right technicians. SMEPI provides industries with a competent, experienced team that masters all the techniques of bar turning.



In the very specialized field of precision machining, we have a decade of success, we are known all over France. In the field of precision industrial mechanics, particularly in the machining of mechanical parts, whatever their size and format, SMEPI is the specialist able to fine-tune your components. Our achievements are solicited by professionals from a wide variety of trades, among others: transport, chemistry, energy, petrochemicals, nuclear, special machines, etc. SMEPI has all the essential resources to assist you throughout your project from the study phase to heat and surface treatment, including: production, heat and surface treatment, choice of raw materials, assembly, study, prototyping ... and finally, a strict verification of your parts. We provide you with the skills and experience of a multidisciplinary team and the quality of our raw materials to assure our customers of the quality of the products.

Why choose a professional in mechanical bar turning?


The turning of small and medium series parts is an intervention requiring meticulousness. This operation is carried out by means of an automated machine known under the name of "automatic lathes". These are very precise machines, specialized in cutting mini metal components. They are thus designed to manufacture parts of around ten millimeters in diameter. To benefit from this kind of service, it is better to choose a professional. A company with qualified and experienced staff helps you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Indeed, a simple handling error can compromise hundreds and thousands of components depending on the order. As a result, this will lead to the famous trade-in operation, which may cost you extra money. Before reaching this stage, you can seek the services of SMEPI , a booming company that is a benchmark in the field of mechanical bar turning.

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