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Why trust an inconel bar turning professional? 

Inconel bar turning requires specific know-how in the machining of parts. It is therefore necessary to contact a professional in the field. SMEPI is an expert and can provide you with services related to the turning of various metal parts. We do have all the necessary skills for this kind of operation.

The advantages of using the services of a professional

Inconel bar turning is one of the methods that make it possible to work this type of metal for the manufacture of mechanical parts intended for use in particularly difficult conditions in aeronautical or naval terms. This operation also requires the use of very precise machines in the cutting and shaping of the metal.

Given the challenges of perfect shapes and the precision of the details required on the finished products, recourse to the services of a specialist in the manufacture of parts with this metal is more than recommended. This professional has a good knowledge of the application of inconel and can help you in the design phase of your parts.

It also has specific machines that will allow you to create your custom parts. However, it is better to choose the service provider you are going to contact based on their experience and reputation.

SMEPI uses advanced technology in inconel bar turning

As a professional in the field, SMEPI has state-of-the-art equipment to perform various tasks in turning inconel parts . Indeed, we have efficient and innovative automatic lathes to process your mechanical elements. Our bar turning machines are very precise latest generation equipment, which avoids sizing errors during adjustments. Thus, the parts that leave our factories are perfect since they go through a rigorous verification process before delivery.

You can entrust us with your projects for turning mechanical parts in Inconel. Note that our company is made up of experts who will meet your machining needs for parts of all kinds. We process all industrial orders, whether in the automotive sector, precision optics, aeronautics, etc. In addition, we take care of everything, from the study to the production of parts.  


Inconels, expensive metals

Inconels are metal alloys highly valued for their high level of resistance. In the metallurgical industry, they are qualified as "super alloys", in particular because of their high nickel and chromium content. Stainless steel and mechanically more resistant than carbon steels, they are in great demand in companies building structures, aeronautical equipment, nuclear reactors, aerospace, maritime engineering and hot tooling. This super alloy is also widely used since  resists corrosion to chloride such as neutral salts, sea water and brines.

Bar turning of inconel parts is the manufacturing process used to obtain screws and revolving parts based on this alloy (screws, pins, bolts, etc.). It consists of removing material using a knife tool or an automatic lathe. As it is an expensive metal, the turning of inconels must be carried out with precision and in the rules of the art, which will allow to minimize the shavings, and thus to optimize the cost of production of your parts.    

SMEPI, the Inconels bar turning specialist

SMEPI has extensive experience in the industrial manufacture of precision mechanical parts. You can entrust us with the turning of your inconel parts . We have a qualified team and efficient equipment. We also ensure the quality of our products.

In particular, we can take care of the turning of your inconel parts in small, medium or large series. In addition, you will not need to find a supplier of raw materials. We have various inconel alloy metals in stock. This also allows us to launch the production of your parts as soon as your order is confirmed. We then commit to  deliver your products on time.

Clearly, do not hesitate to entrust the turning of your inconel parts to SMEPI. You will be able to benefit from a quality service at the best cost. In addition, every part we make is tested before shipping.  


Trust SMEPI for your precision part machining needs

For the machining of all kinds of mechanical components, SMEPI is recognized as an essential service provider to whom you can turn. In the highly specialized field of precision machining, we have more than ten years of successful experience, and we are nationally renowned. SMEPI has all the key resources to assist you throughout your project from the study to the heat and surface treatment, including assembly, heat and surface treatment, prototyping, material selection. raw materials, machining ... as well as strict control of each part. Our achievements are recommended by companies from very diverse sectors in particular: energy, special machines, petrochemicals, transport, chemicals, nuclear ... We provide you with know-how and experience. a team of experts and the quality of raw materials to guarantee our customers the quality of achievements, speed and respect of deadlines is our philosophy.

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