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SMEPI, specialist in the manufacture of steel parts by bar turning

Bar turning is a machining technique by removing material which makes it possible to obtain high precision parts with more or less complex shapes. Specialized in precision mechanics, SMEPI has developed a fine expertise in the bar turning of steel parts , intended for sectors as varied as nuclear, armaments, agrifood or even petrochemicals.

Why go to an expert?

The turning of steel elements is a delicate task, but one which offers extreme precision in the details. The creation of mechanical parts in various metals with this technique is an activity which requires an excellent mastery of new technologies, and a good knowledge of the various fields of application of the parts (sectors of activity). In addition, it is also necessary to know the properties of the metals to be worked. These are just as many reasons that should push to call only a specialized professional for the manufacture of your mechanical parts.

By contacting an expert, you will be able to guarantee the conformity of the technical specifications of your parts to their use. Moreover, it pays particular attention to compliance with specifications and strict compliance with standards. When choosing a service provider, rely on their reputation and experience in the field.

Manufacture of revolution parts

There are generally three types of mechanical parts, including precision parts, safety parts, and wear parts. Note that some of them can also perform these three roles at the same time.

Most of these parts are used in sensitive sectors such as high-tech industry, and must therefore be of the highest quality and be custom designed according to a rigorous process in order to meet all business requirements and current standards.

Bar turning is a type of machining by removing material. Concretely, it consists in inserting the raw material into the bar turning machine which will then shape the part with a series of tools. Parts with more or less complex shapes are obtained depending on the number and arrangement of these tools.

As part of the machining of parts, different treatments can be carried out:

  • Surface treatments: Diamond Like Carbon (DLC), Zinc Nickel, Phosphatation, High phosphorus chemical nickel, zinc

  • Heat treatment: Nituration Nitrocarburization, Quenching and tempering, Gas quenching, Annealing, Cementation, Post oxidation, Magnetic annealing ...

It should be noted that for bar turning, obtaining quality parts depends entirely on the know-how of the technicians. A specialist like SMEPI has a competent team mastering the techniques of turning parts in steel or other materials. Equipped with advanced equipment, it can work on rubbed, drawn or rectified materials as well as on bars annealed or in the pretreated state.

SMEPI, recognized know-how in the field of bar turning of steel parts

SMEPI is recognized for its expertise in precision industrial mechanics. We can provide you with parts of different materials and subject to strong constraints such as corrosion or heat. Our competent and professional team is able to meet your precision parts needs.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of complementary services such as the design of parts, the production of prototypes, the production of parts in small or medium series. We can also ensure the assembly of mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies.

It should be noted that our team can work on all types of nuances and can intervene in different sectors of activity (energy, transport, chemicals / petrochemicals, etc.).

Rely on SMEPI's experience for any intervention on precision parts

The manufacture of mechanical parts requires specific skills, in particular a good knowledge of the fields in which they will be used and a perfect mastery of machine tools or technologies for machining.

The choice of a manufacturer of precision mechanical parts must therefore be made with the greatest care. In the majority of cases, it is recommended to bet on experience and reputation.

In terms of precision machining, we have ten years of experience and are renowned throughout France. In the field of precision industrial mechanics, particularly in the machining of mechanical parts of all sizes and shapes, SMEPI is the reference able to ensure the development of your elements. We rely on a competent and experienced team and a large stock of materials always available to offer our customers the quality of the products. Our products are suitable for professionals with extremely diverse technological challenges including: petrochemicals, special machines, transport, chemicals, energy, nuclear ... SMEPI has all the resources necessary to assist you at each stage of your project, including : study, choice of raw materials, production, heat and surface treatment, prototyping, assembly ... and finally, a rigorous control of finished parts.

We remain at your disposal to answer all your specific requests.

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