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SMEPI, specialist in the manufacture of contact brushes adapted to the needs of the railway industry

The machining of mechanical elements is a complex process which requires a great deal of precision and advanced technical skills. As a result, the use of a specialized supplier like SMEPI is imperative, whether for the design of contact brushes or any other parts dedicated to the railway industry. The latter offers many products that comply with the quality and safety standards in force and meet your requirements.

What is a contact brush?

Contact brushes are mechanisms placed on railway rolling stock, in particular motor vehicles, railcar and railcar trailers and reversible train cars equipped with a driving position. They come in the form of several steel blades and are fixed between the wheels. Depending on requirements, they are arranged horizontally and longitudinally, transversely or vertically.

Placed at a previously calculated height, their role is to ensure electrical contact when passing over the crocodile. The distance between the running surface and the contact plane of the brushes is determined so as to guarantee optimum electrical contact between the blades and the crocodile. This contact produces information which is transmitted to the driver's cab, meaning open signal or closed signal. The quality and reliability of the signal is essential for safe rail traffic.

The regulations concerning the contact brush of rolling stock

Engine equipment and towed equipment equipped with reversibility driving cabs on which a device must be installed to record the speed and position of the signals on the one hand, and which run on the national rail network and the rail networks operated in the same way as the national network on the other hand, must comply with the prescriptions relating to the contact brush of rolling stock defined by the Decree of March 19, 2012, in particular the articles:

Art. 43 a) Signaling signals on the ground, the indications of which must be repeated in the cabin to confirm to the driver, at the appropriate time, by an audible and / or light signal, the state of the signal crossed, as well as those equipped with detonating signals "

“Art. 49. g) All trains are fitted with the necessary devices to enable the operation of the control-command systems installed on the lines used… ”.

SMEPI, manufacturer of reliable contact brushes

SMEPI is the reference partner of SNCF and the railway industries for the manufacture of contact brushes for their machines and rolling stock. Our know-how and our mastery of the various cutting-edge technologies required in the design and production of precision mechanical parts have earned us the trust of many other major manufacturers such as Areva, EDF, Alstom, etc.

We also specialize in precision dowels, manufacturing of safety or wear parts, rolled threading, off-plan screws, deep drilling and spark erosion. We work in particular for the nuclear and energy sectors, but also chemistry and petrochemicals for the design of mechanical parts intended for use in difficult conditions.

In regards to

For the machining of all kinds of mechanical components, SMEPI is the specialist to contact for anyone with specific needs. In terms of precision machining, we capitalize on more than ten years of presence, we are renowned nationally. Our achievements are requested by companies working in a wide variety of environments, in particular: nuclear, special machines, chemicals, petrochemicals, transport, energy, etc. We rely on a competent and experienced team and a complete reserve of materials always available to offer you the quality of the parts, the speed and the respect of deadlines. SMEPI has all the essential resources to assist you through all stages of your project including assembly, prototyping, heat and surface treatment, selection of raw materials, machining ... as well as rigorous verification of your parts.

As such, our design office is involved from the analysis and development phase of the project. We also produce unit models at the request of customers or for the creation of parts with complex shapes. Moreover, prototypes are necessary to be sure that they meet customer needs before moving to large, medium or small series production.

It should also be noted that we have our own stock of raw materials, which means that we have no supply problems which often constitute a waste of time and productivity.

We can also obtain supplies from our suppliers, in particular for the design of mechanical parts requiring the use of rarer materials.

Whatever the case, our team is able to ensure the continuity of production and the respect of the deadline of the works. As for the assembly of the parts, we work on site according to the specifications and plans provided by the companies, thus guaranteeing a tailor-made service tailored to their needs.

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