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SMEPI: a benchmark in the field of construction screws and bolts

The manufacture of fasteners for the construction industry is a difficult process to achieve. This is why it makes more sense to contact a professional like SMEPI for this kind of work. We can actually intervene in the production of various parts, whatever the shape and size. We are able to produce high quality mechanical parts in large quantities.

Why go to a specialist manufacturer?

Due to the particular technical characteristics of construction screws, there are certain screws that are not available on the market, in particular those that are too large or too small. Screws intended for construction, including mechanical construction, may also be subjected to difficult conditions of use and must also withstand various physical stresses such as traction or pressure, humidity or extreme temperatures. It is for this reason that we control every part. Indeed, they are tested to ensure and verify their proper functioning as well as their resistance before giving them to you.

Considering the issues relating to quality and performance, but also to reliability, whether it is for assembly screws or set screws, the best way to ensure their reliability is to contact your company directly. a manufacturer to purchase the screws you need for your project and site. A manufacturer will not only be able to custom design the screws you need, and in accordance with the safety and performance requirements of your construction project.

Machining: the flagship method

Screws for the construction sector play a major role in the strength and safety of built structures. They have to be developed according to very strict standards. Some of them even have to be custom-made, as they display complex and specific profiles and are not sold on the traditional market.

For the manufacture of these screws and bolts for the construction industry , managers must use the services of companies specializing in machining. The latter will take care of manufacturing the products in accordance with the customer's request and respecting the specifications established by the latter.

After receiving the parts drawings, the company manufactures a prototype which must be validated by the customer. This done, it selects the most suitable material and then proceeds to the production and assembly stage. The last phase of its intervention consists in controlling the quality of the manufactured parts.

Place your screws orders at SMEPI

We can take care of the manufacture of your screws for the construction industry. From the simplest to the most complex models, we ensure the production of your fastening systems according to your needs and requirements. The manufacture of screws and bolts for construction will be carried out according to the plans and specifications that you provide to us. Note that we can work with all kinds of materials thanks to the large stock of raw materials (stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, bronze, cupro-aluminum, Inconel®, Hastelloy®,  Monel®…) that we have.

Our workshop can produce machined screws or forged screws . The latter is equipped with the best materials and machines, which allows us to guarantee the quality of our achievements.

Our teams are made up of highly qualified operators and engineers from leading schools who ensure that order processing is fully compliant with your specifications.

Also, do not hesitate to entrust us with your orders. These will be delivered to you on time.

SMEPI, a benchmark company in the machining of precision mechanical elements

In the field of precision mechanics, especially in the machining of large, medium and small mechanical parts and formats, SMEPI stands out as the number one manufacturer to trust. In the highly specialized field of precision machining, we have more than a decade of success, we are renowned nationally.

Our achievements equip many companies with very diverse technological issues, in particular: chemistry, special machines, transport, nuclear, energy, petrochemicals ... SMEPI has all the essential resources to assist you throughout your project. including: assembly, heat and surface treatment, production, prototyping, study, choice of materials to be used ... without forgetting a rigorous control of finished parts. We rely on a highly qualified team and a substantial reserve of materials always available to guarantee our customers the quality of the products.

Tailor-made services to meet all your needs

Construction is a constantly evolving sector and construction techniques are evolving day by day. This is why it is necessary to adapt to technological development, especially with regard to machines and the parts necessary for their maintenance. However, it is not always easy to obtain screws and bolts for the construction industry, hence the intervention of an expert is always necessary. SMEPI offers many manufacturing services for spare parts, bolts, screws or other accessories related to public construction. We can indeed provide you with machined parts of all kinds, fasteners or even mechanical sub-assemblies. You should know that we work with many recognized companies who trust us such as Disney Land Paris, EDF Auto, Emerson… This collaboration with international companies testifies to our professionalism in this sector. You can ask us for a free quote for your project if needed.

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