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SMEPI, an ally for the machining of nuclear screws

Mechanical accessories used in the nuclear field must be manufactured by an expert. Therefore, it is better to turn to professionals, because the slightest error in nuclear screws will be fatal. As a solution, we suggest you SMEPI, a company with experience in manufacturing screws, nuts and bolts for nuclear industries.    

Applications of nuclear screws

This category includes bolts, screws, nuts and studs used on equipment that is in a nuclear power plant. This concerns the islands, but also the storage places, the equipment for transporting waste, as well as the civil engineering relating to a power plant.

The application of nuclear fasteners extends to all the elements of an island, including reactor vessels, steam generators, primary cooling pumps, valves and valves, and all tools reserved for operations. Handling.

SMEPI manufactures custom screws that meet the requirements of these various applications in a nuclear environment: anchor bolts for pipes or hexagonal bolts, vessel nuts, fixing screws, etc. SMEPI ensures the complete production of parts, including heat and surface treatments (bichromating, nitriding, nickel plating, etc.).

Very specific quality requirements

The nuclear environment is subject to many high-level stresses, in particular irradiation, high temperature, corrosion and certain mechanical stresses. Nuclear hardware must therefore be strong enough to last in such an environment. This implies a proven know-how, but above all a great mastery of the quality processes adapted to this environment. Industries specializing in this field must have certifications proving their progress in a quality approach.

In this context, SMEPI was keen to obtain ISO 9001 certification. This proves our determination and our rigor in terms of quality management. In addition, we have also received the qualifications issued by our customers, meeting the required standards and requirements. SMEPI holds in particular the EDF-UTO and Framatome (formerly AREVA) certification, two heavyweights of the energy industry in France, and ensuring the operation of several nuclear power plants throughout the country.

More resistant materials

In addition to an advanced quality approach, the manufacture of nuclear screws requires much more resistant materials than the materials usually used in restrictive environments. It is not only a question of mechanical and chemical attacks, the equipment installed in a nuclear power station undergoes a very particular constraint: the irradiation. This phenomenon is likely to change the internal structure of metals, hence the need to use very specific alloys.

To meet this requirement, SMEPI manufactures parts in proven materials, in particular Hastelloy®, Inconel® and particularly resistant steel alloys.

Why choose SMEPI?

SMEPI has specialized in made-to-measure screws since 2001. We have made this our core business, and ensure all aspects relating to the production of quality screws and bolts. SMEPI takes care of the studies and the definition of the specifications, the realization of prototypes and the production, as well as the final treatments. We can also supply specialists with raw materials, or perform assemblies. Our work includes the manufacture of wear and safety parts, but also nuclear screws and parts dedicated to high stress environments (energy, railway environment).

Custom-cut pieces

The mechanical components involved in the nuclear field are for the most part unique parts in themselves. The accessories used must be supplied only by professionals to ensure their safety. This is a good thing since SMEPI is responsible for designing screws and bolts for the nuclear industry. Whatever your needs in this matter, we will be able to answer your requests. You can choose the size, shape and finish for each piece requested. And for the quantity, you can order as many spare parts as you want.

In addition, items made by SMEPI follow resistance standards. SMEPI also has qualification certificates, including EDF / UTO, Emerson, Westinghouse and Framatome. Added to this is a solid experience of ten years in the sector. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why many giants in the energy industry trust us.

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