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Purchase of screws and bolts for industrial use, contact SMEPI

The purchase of fasteners, studs or bolts for industrial use must be made from specialized and reliable suppliers. In the field of manufacturing precision mechanical parts and fasteners for the aeronautics, energy, nuclear and rail industries for two decades now, SMEPI has been a reference partner for any need for products adapted to severe constraints of use.

The importance of the quality of mechanical fasteners

Whether on machines or industrial installations or on independent mechanical assemblies, screws, studs and bolts must perfectly fulfill their role.

Depending on the elements on which they are installed, these parts are intended to assemble, maintain or tighten. They must be reliable to avoid detachment or breakage which could have serious consequences on the operation of the equipment, machines or mechanical assemblies on which they are placed. They must also be chosen taking into account the mechanical, physical, chemical or atmospheric constraints associated with their use.

Given the importance of their quality, the purchase of screws, bolts and bolts for industrial use should only be made from specialized dealers. SMEPI is a manufacturer of mechanical parts and fasteners and a supplier to aeronautics, nuclear power and rail companies with twenty years of experience that you can turn to with confidence to find articles adapted to the requirements of these sectors of activity.

Choosing the right hardware and stud supplier

The purchase of screws, studs and bolts for conventional use can be done in a good hardware store (the goal being to ensure their quality). However, articles intended for use in an industrial or delicate environment must be ordered from a specialist dealer. The supplier must be chosen with the greatest care to avoid unpleasant surprises and possible failures or accidents due to poor quality fasteners.

Whenever possible, using a recognized manufacturer is the best option. If the model that can meet your needs is not in the catalog or in stock, he can offer you tailor-made clothing.

Since 2001, SMEPI has made the design and production of high performance fasteners one of its areas of expertise. We can take care of the creation of your parts according to your needs and in accordance with the requirements and constraints of their future use. We will advise you on the best options for raw materials and choose the manufacturing methods that will ensure the quality and reliability of the items.

SMEPI, reliable industrial screws and bolts

SMEPI's twenty years of experience is a guarantee of our know-how in the field of manufacturing screws, studs and bolts for high-tech industries. We are particularly experts in specific bolting.

Our mastery of rolled threading, deep drilling and spark erosion processes allows us to create parts that can meet the most demanding requirements. We ensure the production in small and medium series. You can contact our expert advisers to study your needs.

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