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SMEPI the benchmark for screws for the construction industry

Screws for the construction industry of high quality must be more robust compared to the usual mechanical parts. They are the result of careful manufacturing according to strict standards. SMEPI is presented as the benchmark in this kind of exercise. His solid experience allows him to stay ahead of the competition in the art of manufacturing parts for the construction industry.


What screws are used in the construction industry?


When we talk about screws, the image that immediately comes to mind is a kind of nail provided with a pitch with a flat head comprising a slot or a cross incision, and which is used above all to assemble two elements or to fix one on a dedicated support. Two main types of screws are used for construction workers, namely assembly screws and set screws. They are distinguished primarily by their role and their pressure system. Assembly screws are the most commonly used.


Set screws are rather reserved for mechanical construction. However, both must always be of excellent quality not only for the sake of convenience, but also for safety. It is essential to take special care in the choice of metals and alloys in which they are made to ensure optimal functionality once in place. To ensure the quality of the parts we manufacture, rigorous control is carried out on them. They undergo various mechanical tests in order to verify their correct functioning.


The other classifications


For the two previous categories of screws for the construction sector , we can also classify them according to the impression of the head which will define the drive. There are thus slotted head screws, Philips, Posidriv, Robertson, hex or Torx. Apart from the shape of the imprint, there are also different head shapes. We thus have countersunk and flat, domed, cylindrical or trumpet heads. We choose according to the type of use and the desired finish.


Then, a functional classification is also present. There are self-tapping screws which are used a lot in industry and construction. Then it depends on the material in which it is going to be placed. We thus have wood screws or machine screws. Self-drilling screws, the end of which acts as a drill, allow you to screw directly into steel or aluminum without having to make a pre-hole. For professional use, it is important to purchase screws from a specialist in the construction industry .


SMEPI, the security part specialist


At SMEPI, we market screws for the construction sector , as well as precision industrial mechanical parts. We can make custom parts according to your plans or specifications. We are specialized in areas with strong mechanical or environmental constraints (erosion, friction, heat, etc.). Our design office can also assist you in defining the specifications.


Thanks to the large stock of raw materials at our disposal, we are able to respond to each specific request. These raw materials are in particular: alloy steel, bronze, Monel, stainless steel, cupro-aluminum, Inconel, etc.


We have set up a set of procedures to have good traceability of the manufactured parts and we carry out extensive checks such as mechanical, tensile, proof load or impact tests in order to guarantee a very high quality of all our products. . For your specific screw needs for the construction sector or any other mechanical part, our company will meet your expectations as soon as possible.


Our services

For the machining of mechanical components, whatever their size and format, SMEPI is the specialist to contact. In all that relates to precision machining, we capitalize on its ten years of presence, we have been able to forge an excellent reputation on a national scale. We rely on a competent and experienced team and a substantial stock of materials always available in order to offer you the quality of the parts, the speed and the respect of deadlines. Our machined components can be used by companies with extremely varied technological challenges including: transport, energy, petrochemicals, chemicals, special machines, nuclear, etc. In order to respond effectively to your expectations, SMEPI offers you complete support from the study to the heat and surface treatment, including machining, prototyping, assembly, heat and surface treatment, material selection. first ... as well as a rigorous verification of your parts.


Screws that last over time


Rust is a recurring problem with all mechanical components. The clamping screws for the construction sector are not spared. The more they are of poor quality, the faster, traces of corrosion appear on their surfaces after a few years of life. However, the advanced technology used by SMEPI significantly reduces the appearance of rust on its mechanical components.


If you are wondering what the secret may be? So we answer you: the hard chrome plating process is one of them. This involves applying a stiff layer that literally covers the screw. It's easy to say that to do since it comes down to chemistry. Unless you are a metal alloy professional like SMEPI , this process is relatively difficult to accomplish. The chrome coating on the surface strengthens the screws and protects them from heat, cold and humidity. Suddenly, we end up with compact and almost indestructible equipment.

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