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Stud thread machining by rolling process: SMEPI at your service

The manufacture of parts and threaded rods can be done in various ways. The rolling process stud thread machining creates studs with the desired thread. The advantages of this technique are also not negligible. You can confidently turn to SMEPI for the design and manufacture of your screws and bolts for industrial use. Especially if you operate in the energy and nuclear, aeronautics and rail sectors.

The different methods of machining mechanical parts and threaded rods

Threading is an operation which allows to create the pitches on the elements of screws and bolts, including on the mechanical studs. This is a delicate job given the importance of the regularity of the pitches, the reliability and the solidity of the manufactured parts.

Depending on the chemical and mechanical characteristics of the metals used, threading can be carried out in several ways: by removing material, by grinding, by die, by molding and by rolling. This last technique allows the machining of stud thread by rolling process .

The principle consists of threading the studs by rolling. SMEPI is a leading company in the creation of fasteners and bolts which perfectly masters this manufacturing method. We can create the parts you need according to your needs.

The thread rolling process and its advantages

The rolling process stud thread machining is a rolling stud thread manufacturing process. It is also used for the design of screws, bolts and other mechanical parts used for fixing, tightening or joining two elements.

Stud threading is done by cold rolling. It consists in forming the threads in the metal of a blank by a pressing and rolling action between two dies. The tapped zone is created by the movement of the metal during the rolling process. The studs obtained using this process are significantly stronger and more efficient than those created by the other methods.

Specialist in the field, SMEPI will help you take advantage of all the advantages of lamination for the manufacture of your fasteners for industrial use.

Entrust the creation of your parts to an expert

Leaving the machining of stud thread by rolling process in the hands of a specialist is the best way to guarantee the quality and reliability of your mechanical fasteners. This precaution is even more essential if you work in sensitive sectors where the safety of the installations is essential.

By contacting SMEPI, you secure the services of an expert who has excellent knowledge of the issues of the reliability of the elements that will make up your mechanical assemblies or of the parts that will be used to assemble, fix or tighten the constituent elements. of your facilities. We can advise you on the most suitable options for the technical, physical and chemical constraints of using your studs, screws and bolts.

Note that our manufacturing methods and our products fully comply with the standards required by each sector of activity.

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