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SMEPI has developed a fine expertise in specific bolt precision machining (special bolting)

In demanding sectors such as nuclear, automotive or aeronautics, the quality of specific bolt machining is essential. Special screws and bolts must obey precise dimensional standards and quality requirements to guarantee the best performance. A specialist in precision industrial mechanics, SMEPI ensures the design and manufacture of your mechanical parts and special screws and bolts in large or small series.

Specificbolt: which machining process?

When intended for specific applications, special screws and bolts must be designed, manufactured and treated to measure. These fasteners and links must meet a number of criteria and standards to meet the specific requirements of their environment of use.

Different machining processes depending on the type and size of the specific bolt . Thus, if it is customary to proceed by cold heading for screws of large series and having a diameter of 2 to 24, forging will on the other hand be preferred for screws of large diameters and small series.

In a very demanding sector such as aeronautics, where safety and reliability are not compromised, fasteners, screws and bolts must comply with very strict international or national standards (MS / NAS / NFE / NFL, AMD, etc.) to be accepted.

In fact, the use of a certified manufacturer such as SMEPI is essential. An expert in specific bolt machining will be able to offer you suitable fastening solutions that meet the specific needs of your activity.

Specific bolt machining: SMEPI's expertise

Used in fields as varied as construction, assembly of structures or energy, the machining of specific bolt calls for a proven know-how. A long-standing supplier in the rail, aeronautics and energy sectors, SMEPI supports the manufacture of your special screws and bolts on request or based on specific specifications.

Thanks to our expertise in the matter and a fleet of high-tech machines, we are able to provide you with mechanical screws and special bolts solutions adapted to your context.

Forged head bolt, clamping bolt, trapezoidal screw, cylinder head stud, hexagonal nut ... Whatever the model and format, we can ensure the production of your custom-made fasteners and links.

SMEPI is also an expert mastery of surface treatments. These consist of adding a coating to the piece of fasteners in order to improve their appearance or physical properties and thus allow them to be adapted to specific conditions of use. The choice of the appropriate treatment will be determined by the characteristics of the fixation and its future applications.

Zinc plating, cadmium plating, silver plating, nickel plating, anodizing, phosphating… our surface treatments guarantee superior mechanical performance and aesthetic rendering. In addition to the special screws, SMEPI produces, according to the customer's plans or specifications, all wearing and safety parts as well as specific mechanical assemblies or sub-assemblies. Contact us.

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