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The art of designing valve seats

The machining of mechanical parts is a question of technique and experience at the same time. The success of large companies in this area results from the prolonged application of theories. This explains why the quality of products between two industries in the same sector is not the same. SMEPI creates bolts, nuts, washers, threaded rod ... for various companies around the world. SMEPI valve seats are the result of ten years of hard work, during which time they have been continuously perfected.


The advantages of hiring a professional

The machining of the valve seats must be carried out carefully; in order to rule out any malfunction that could damage the valves and impair engine performance due to a possible leak in the intake and exhaust pipes, it is essential that the operation be carried out with great precision. We work particularly in the production of parts that can resist abrasion, corrosion, cold, heat, etc.

A careful calculation is necessary in particular concerning the angles and the surfaces of the valve seats. Indeed, the spans of the seats as well as the angles must be reported perfectly when making the seats. The manufacture of this type of parts must therefore be carried out by a professional in the field.

Recourse to the expertise of a specialized company is presented as the simplest and safest solution for the manufactured seats to be perfectly adapted to your valves and to the performance needs of your engines. A professional can be made available to you to study the project and make the required improvements if necessary, before moving on to making the parts.

The machining of your valve seats is carried out according to your specifications

We follow and respect the most stringent requirements of the specifications and standards, we can thus ensure the quality of the parts produced. Indeed, our team complies point by point with your directives and does not minimize any detail in order to guarantee your satisfaction. On top of that, as we take care of the entire manufacturing of your precision parts - from design to heat and surface treatments, prototyping and series production), you are sure to get a result in accordance with the specifics of your needs.

The machining of your valve seats is thus done according to your requirements in order to certify an exact centering of the valve and the tightness of the combustion chamber.  

Rigorous control before delivery

Control is part of the manufacturing phases of your mechanical parts. After the machining of your valve seats and before delivery, we first carry out mechanical tests and proof loads to check their correct functioning and resistance to various stresses.

Apart from the valve seats, you can also outsource the manufacturing of the valves and valve guides for your engine if you want to ensure consistency with the seat seating.

We have a large stock of raw materials, which allows us to produce mechanical parts in stainless steel, bronze, cupro-aluminum, alloy steel, Inconel, Monel, etc. In addition to our years of experience, we make a point of honor to the quality of our achievements as well as the respect of deadlines, which has earned us the trust of many large and most demanding groups working in cutting-edge sectors. . So that the traceability of each of the parts we produce can be guaranteed, we have established and implemented procedures.

SMEPI, a benchmark company in the machining of mechanical parts

In terms of precision mechanics, in particular in the machining of large, medium and small mechanical parts and shapes, SMEPI is the expert able to ensure the design of your elements. In precision machining, we have more than 10 years of presence so we can boast a strong reputation nationwide. We provide you with the skills and experience of a team of professionals and the quality of our materials in order to meet your quality and time requirements. SMEPI provides you with turnkey solutions including prototyping, assembly, production, selection of raw materials, heat or surface treatment ... and finally, rigorous control of your parts. Our achievements are recommended by companies belonging to different trades including: petrochemicals, chemicals, transport, nuclear, energy, special machines ...


Quality components signed SMEPI  

No matter how small, a valve seat can affect engine performance. A bad inclination or a manufacturing defect of this component causes a loss of pressure at the level of the cylinder. As a result, the heat engine degrades in power and longevity. For this reason, it is best not to take your choice of valve seat lightly.

On the other hand, if this element follows manufacturing standards, it will last longer and you will not have to do any touch-ups for the next few years. To put it simply, call on SMEPI and consult the offers that we offer. As a professional in seat machining, we are able to satisfy you with high-end services and accessories. In short, we perform the assembly for you while suggesting the part suitable for your machine.

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