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Rolling process parts machining specialist

Rolling process machining is part of the manufacturing methods of mechanical and industrial parts, in particular for the creation of elements in metal and metal alloys. It is preferred for the design of articles intended for precision and high-tech industries. SMEPI perfectly masters the rolling process techniques and produces parts for the energy and nuclear, aeronautics and rail sectors.

What is rolling process machining?

Rolling process machining is also called rolling machining. It is one of the means used for the deformation of metal. The material to be worked, in the form of a more or less thick sheet, is passed between two rollers or a succession of rollers to give it the desired thickness and ensure the uniformity of the latter.

There are two main methods of rolling: hot rolling and cold rolling. In hot rolling, the metal is heated to a given temperature to facilitate its shaping. For cold rolling, it is worked at room temperature. A specialist in the manufacture of mechanical parts for industrial use, SMEPI counts rolling among the metal deformation processes it employs.

The fields of application of rolling milling

Rolling process machining is mainly used for the manufacture of elements for mechanical assemblies intended for high-tech industries such as aeronautics, mechanics, automotive, railways or even in the energy and nuclear sectors. . Hot rolling is used in the manufacture of rails, metal strips, metal bars, tubes, body parts, etc.

Cold rolling, for its part, is used for shaping metals for the design of wires, fasteners and bolts, sheets, etc. Given the importance of the quality and reliability of items designed by rolling process, the use of an expert is recommended. SMEPI puts its experience at your disposal for the manufacture of your mechanical parts in rolled metal.


Why call on a rolling process specialist?

Entrusting the creation of your mechanical parts and your metal assembly elements to a specialist in rolling process machining is the most practical and safe solution if you want to guarantee that the elements comply with your expectations and their future use. . An expert will know how to determine the best method (cold or hot rolling) according to the requirements and constraints of use of the parts.

In addition, a specialist will have the machines and know-how required to successfully manufacture your parts. Serving industrialists in the aeronautics, rail, energy and nuclear sectors since 2001, SMEPI is a preferred partner for any project to create precision mechanical parts or custom fasteners.

All our products are manufactured using processes that comply with the quality and safety standards in force in each area. We pay particular attention to the study of our clients' projects in order to provide them with items that can perfectly meet their expectations. We will accompany you from one end of your project to the other and can, if necessary, ensure the assembly of the elements on the assemblies within your sites.

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