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Stud machining: contact SMEPI

Whatever your needs, especially in industry or mechanics, contacting a stud machining expert is the most practical option to ensure the quality of these assembly elements. SMEPI is a reference partner for aeronautics, energy and rail companies in the manufacture and supply of precision mechanical parts and fasteners.

The different types of stud

The stud is part of the bolting. It is mainly used to join two mechanical elements or to hold them securely together. Many people tend to mix up bolts and studs.

As a reminder, the machining of the stud gives it the appearance of a threaded rod or not. One of the ends can be fixed on one of the elements to be joined, the rod then passes through the second element and the other end is locked by a nut.

There are different types of stud: screw stud, welded stud, riveted stud, insert stud, assembly stud and expansion stud. Whatever your industrial use stud needs, you can approach SMEPI to find the ones that will meet them.

The importance of stud quality

Depending on the models, the role of the stud is generally to tighten, hold or join two parts. It is essential to ensure their quality and their compliance with the requirements of the environments in which it will be used. The objective is to avoid the dissociation of the elements following a breakage of the stud, for example, the weakening of the system due to a deformation of the latter or any other incident which could lead to serious accidents.

Going to a specialist supplier or a stud machining company is the safest option to ensure the reliability of the parts you will install on your mechanical assemblies. SMEPI will give you the benefit of its twenty years in the field of industrial bolting design.

Why buy your studs from the manufacturer?

A specialized supplier, better a manufacturer, will be the best partner for the purchase of mechanical parts for industrial use. An expert in stud machining will indeed be able to offer you quality items that exactly meet the requirements and constraints (chemical, mechanical or technical) of their use. If the model you need is not in stock or in its catalog, it will in principle offer you the custom creation of your studs.

Either way, you will need to choose your supplier carefully. Whenever possible, rely on a manufacturer specializing in the creation of parts adapted to your sector of activity. If you work in the energy and nuclear sector, aeronautics or even in the railway sector, SMEPI is the preferred partner.

SMEPI, a reliable partner for the purchase or manufacture of screws and bolts

For 20 years now, SMEPI has established itself as one of the French leaders in the machining of studs , fasteners and high performance bolts for high-tech industries (energy, rail, nuclear, aeronautics).

We offer specialized support for the tailor-made creation of your mechanical components. All the constraints and requirements of their future conditions of use will be taken into account in the design, the choice of raw materials, the chemical or mechanical treatments as well as the finishes to optimize their efficiency and their lifespan.

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