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Cold rolled machining

Cold rolling or cold rolled machining is essential for projects where precision is paramount. A specialist in precision industrial mechanics, SMEP Industries manufactures various wear and safety parts as well as specific mechanical assemblies or sub-assemblies for various sectors of activity: rail, energy, aeronautics, etc. We have developed recognized know-how in cold rolling machining.

Cold rolling or cold rolled machining process

In industry, cold rolling or cold rolled machining is intended for specific applications. This process aims to refine hot-rolled metal strips so as to provide them with good dimensional accuracy and optimum surface quality.

SMEP Industries uses cold rolling machining to design precision mechanical parts, screws according to drawings, wear and safety parts. Our products find a host of applications in sectors as varied as energy, nuclear power, aeronautics.

Cold rolled machining improves the physical and surface properties of the material, which is also formable for moderate stretching applications. In practice, this type of machining can be carried out either with a reversible rolling mill - the strip is processed several times in the same stand - or with a tandem - the strip passes through several stands simultaneously.

After removing the oxide layer formed during hot rolling (pickling), the metal strips are rolled at room temperature until the desired thickness is obtained. A heat treatment is then carried out to make the cold rolled metal deformable.

A specialist in precision industrial mechanics, SMEP Industries ensures the production of various mechanical sub-assemblies, wear and safety parts subject to various constraints according to the required specifications. We work with different types of steel products and all types of grades: hot and cold rolled steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, high strength steel, etc.


Cold rolled machining: the expertise of SMEP Industries

Cold rolled machining improves certain material properties and meets the specific requirements of your project. Cold rolled metal offers a variety of remarkable properties, including easy formability and a clean, smooth surface. It is used in fields as varied as the manufacture of metal furniture, the automotive sector, household appliances and even construction.

By entrusting the production of your cold rolled parts to SMEP Industries , you are choosing professional quality at the best prices. We take care of the entire custom manufacturing of your parts, from their design to their processing.

For each order, we ensure production according to the customer's plans or specifications and strict control measures are put in place to ensure the reliability of the finished products. SMEP Industries has benefited from ISO 9001 certification for many years. Contact us.

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