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Why entrust the machining of RCCM parts to a specialist?

Mechanical parts intended for the nuclear sector must be designed according to the RCCM standard. They demand excellent quality. And for this, SMEPI provides high precision mechanical components.

How can an RCCM machining service provider help you?

Within nuclear sites, the quality and reliability of the mechanical parts that make up the equipment are of paramount importance. These components must be made according to specific standards. It is therefore necessary to resort to the service of professionals in the field to ensure their manufacture.

It is important to choose the service provider to whom you will entrust this task. According to the standards in force, only companies whose machining processes meet RCCM standards can do so.

The RCCM code has been in effect since 1981. It is updated as technologies evolve. It has been designed to define all health and environmental safety standards, which must be observed during the design, manufacture and control of the production process. These standards also apply to the control of finished products of parts that are likely to be used in the nuclear sector. They play an essential role, especially in experimental nuclear reactors.

SMEPI has been involved in this field for several years. It is currently one of the leading brands in the manufacture of security parts, in accordance with RCCM standards. This service provider specializes in the machining of high precision mechanical parts meeting safety requirements. SMEPI has specialized in this sector for several years. And therefore, it can offer its customers high quality parts. Its qualified team is perfectly familiar with the standards in the manufacture of mechanical components dedicated to nuclear power, aeronautics, etc.

What are the obligations of an RCCM machining service provider?

In general, the regulations in force require that the RCCM machining service provider respects precise specifications regarding the quality of the materials used to manufacture the parts relating to nuclear safety.

The manufacturing process must be carried out according to a predetermined operating mode in order to guarantee the quality and the traceability of the finished products. For example, each welding and deformation of materials must correspond to technical standards to guarantee their resistance. Various chemical treatments are also necessary to optimize the life of machined parts, since they could be subjected to extreme conditions of use. In addition, careful monitoring of control methods must be carried out to ensure the reliability of machined parts.

SMEPI offers a complete service from project study to heat and surface treatment. She takes the time to choose the right raw materials and the appropriate machining methods for the production of your mechanical parts. In addition, it can take care of the assembly.

Finally, your service provider must have a highly qualified team made up of engineers and technicians. The latter must benefit from regular training to update their knowledge and adapt to technological developments in the civil nuclear sector. The SMEPI team meets all these criteria and can provide you with the RCCM parts you need. It has all the necessary resources to adapt to your expectations and to design your parts according to the standards in force.

The company specializes in manufacturing parts according to RCCM standards for the civil nuclear sector, but it also operates in other areas such as energy, chemicals, petrochemicals and transport.

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